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Research on the development trend of domestic tire enterprises in 2012

"on September 26 this year, the special tire protection measures of the United States to China will expire. The reopening of the U.S. market will arouse domestic tire enterprises to stage a market competition." On September 6, the relevant person in charge of Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co., Ltd. told

according to the Ministry of Commerce, the U.S. special tire protection measures for China announced on September 11, 2009 will expire in September this year. Since the domestic industry and administrative authorities of the United States have not taken any action intended to extend the measure within the statutory period, the measure will be terminated on schedule

Zhejiang, a major tire Province, suffered a setback. This mockery oppressed domestic tire enterprises for nearly three years. The tire special protection case began in September 2009, when the Obama administration announced that it would take special protection measures for China's tire products exported to the United States, that is, in the next three years, it would impose ad valorem special tariffs of 35%, 30% and 25% on China's tires exported to the United States that can turn off the alarm switch

"the U.S. special tire protection measures have a great impact on China's tire enterprises. Many domestic tire enterprises have abandoned the U.S. market after the implementation of the protection measures, and some powerful domestic tire enterprises export to the U.S. market through Taiwan or Canada, including filled and reinforced unfilled materials and hard thermoplastic plates," said the above person of Zhongce Rubber

take Zhejiang, a major tire export province, as an example, its annual average export volume ranks second in the country. According to the statistics of Hangzhou Customs, before the implementation of the special insurance in 2008, the export value of tires from Zhejiang to the United States was US $250million, and the export value in the following three years was US $200million, US $140million and US $130million respectively. The implementation of special tire warranty in the United States has a significant impact on the export of Zhejiang tires to the U.S. market

the special insurance case has greatly increased the difficulty of exporting China's tire products to the United States, affected the employment of about 100000 workers, and lost about $1billion in exports

opening the brake is good for tire enterprises

according to U.S. law, the U.S. special tire warranty measures against China have expired, unless the relevant parties take action to request an extension half a year before the expiration of the measures (before March 2012). However, neither the United Steelworkers' Federation nor the U.S. government asked the U.S. International Trade Commission to extend the special safeguard measures before March this year, which also means that domestic tire enterprises hope to rekindle after three years of suffering

Zhang Handong, President of Zhejiang Provincial Academy of Commerce, believes that the United States' special tire protection measures against China have been terminated on schedule, trade barriers have been eliminated, and tariffs have been restored from 25% to 4% of normal, which will play an extremely important role in reducing sales costs and expanding market share in the United States

Zhang Chi of CITIC Securities believes that the expiration of the U.S. tire warranty case will bring three major benefits to enterprises: first, export profits will be significantly increased. After the special warranty case, enterprises can reduce the special tariff burden of foreign importers. It is conservatively estimated that the profit of exporting U.S. tires can rise by at least 5% to 10%; Second, orders in the U.S. market will increase significantly. If only one new Wal Mart customer is added, orders can be increased by about 15% every year; Third, export varieties will be more diversified

the prediction of the industry is not without basis. It is reported that there is still a certain gap between domestic tire export enterprises and international famous brands in terms of products and grades. Few domestic tire export enterprises have direct business contacts with brand automobile enterprises to understand advanced technology, seek to break through technical bottlenecks and technical resources in professional fields, and are mainly sold to the secondary market and maintenance market in the United States, which are very price sensitive. Therefore, after the termination of the special safeguard measures, it is conducive to domestic tire enterprises to win more in the United States. In the first 10 months of this year, extruder exports fell by 7.3% More market share

Zhongce Rubber said that after the termination of the special safeguard measures, the tariffs on their tires exported to the United States will be significantly reduced. At present, they are discussing with local dealers in the United States to adjust the price list and improve market competitiveness

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