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Plastic products have become a new favorite in the construction industry with its advantages

in recent years, the state has vigorously supported energy-saving and emission reduction enterprises. As a "green" plastic industry, it has become a "new pillar" of raw materials in the future. Industry experts believe that although China's plastic processing industry is developing rapidly, there is still a certain gap compared with the world's strong plastic industry. In the future, China's plastic industry needs to continue to study cutting-edge technology, improve plastic product recycling technology, and develop new plastic products, so as to achieve the green development of the plastic industry

strive to reduce development detours. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, China will invest 5trillion yuan to improve the ecological environment with the new material industry sales revenue of 78 billion yuan in 2013. Among them, the development of green buildings has become one of the key projects. China's goal is that by 2020, China's green buildings will account for more than 30% of new buildings, the tension and elongation of the main testing data, and strive to achieve a green building area of more than 1billion square meters. As an emerging vehicle, the quality of air quality has become the focus of social attention, environmental protection building materials, plastic products with its environmental protection, light weight and other advantages, has become a new favorite of the construction industry. At the 2013 Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic exhibition held by Yashi exhibition recently, there was a "building light concept room" built of all plastic materials. The outer wall of the house with good light transmittance, heat insulation and impact resistance can enable people to achieve "zero contact" with the surrounding environment

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