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Plastic products regulations drive the demand of the British market

in recent years, in order to save resources, protect the environment, and truly realize the unification of the three benefits of economy, environment and resources, the price of heavy waste in Hebei is 1510 ⑴ 560 yuan/ton. Countries around the world have successively issued various plastic restrictions and more stringent plastic products supervision regulations. Make the oil flow back to the oil tank from the main oil cylinder of the oil pump through the oil return valve

for this, many plastic products manufacturers said that the high threshold broke their dream of entering the international market

however, the strict regulation has benefited a British plastic products company called lefield environmental (hereinafter referred to as lefield). Leafield, located in Wiltshire, is a large renewable dustbin manufacturer in the UK, and has been focusing on the R & D and production of renewable plastic products for many years

"the current stricter environmental regulations in the UK and even the world have driven the market demand for high-quality and renewable plastic garbage cans, bringing us a steady stream of product orders." Phil Maddox, general manager of lefield, said

it is reported that the garbage cans and other plastic products produced by the company are all made of renewable materials, which are processed by the special roll molding process of the blow molding industry, which is dominated by plastic film blowing machines, with a large proportion in the market. They are widely used in education, medical treatment, retail, infrastructure construction and other fields

"many manufacturers complain that the stricter regulations on plastic products have frustrated them frequently in the international competition, making their goal of product globalization more difficult. But we don't think so. On the contrary, it provides a good opportunity for lefield to enter the international market." Maddox added

at present, leafield is actively cooperating with the UK foreign trade and investment agency, hoping to successfully open the door of overseas plastic products markets such as the Middle East, North America and Africa with its help

is an indispensable testing equipment for physical experiments, teaching research, quality control and so on

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