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Plastic profiles win the market path innovative product market is easy to accept

at present, domestic raw material prices and labor costs continue to rise, making profile enterprises face many difficulties. How to get out of the dilemma is not only a topic in front of Huaqing Yingkang, but also a difficult problem faced by all Shandong profile enterprises. Looking at the real estate situation, the state's regulation of the real estate market is gradually increasing this year. Facing the market situation, how can enterprises change their business ideas? How to deal with market changes correctly? The Countermeasures of enterprises are the key to make great progress

current situation

according to the survey, there is a considerable shortage of professionals in the plastic profile industry in Shandong Province. Few people really master the systematic knowledge of formula, process, equipment and mold, and the level of employed technicians is uneven, and some even have not received professional training. This situation, on the one hand, has led to the unhealthy development of the industry, on the other hand, makes enterprises unable to improve quality and technological innovation

the enterprise is small in scale, weak in strength and large in quantity. Only in this way can we better ensure the normal use of equipment and greatly extend the service life of equipment and the true portrayal of door and window enterprises. Some mature enterprises are small in scale and weak in strength, and can become industry leaders with an annual output of 20000 tons of plastic profiles. The total output value of Shandong profile market in one year cannot catch up with that of a large domestic enterprise. This is not a joke, but a reality. Among them, there are both market reasons and their own reasons. After entering this industry, some investors have low self positioning and weak innovation awareness; Some enterprises do not have the awareness to do a good job in product quality at all; Some enterprises are facing the threat of price war, which has seriously affected the development of Shandong plastic profile industry and its position in the country

several domestic profile enterprises with strong strength and large scale rarely set foot in Shandong market, because it is too difficult to bite the bone of Shandong profile market. Although the brand awareness of Shandong profile production enterprises is generally inaccurate and low, and the market recognition is not high, it has taken root in the local economy in the existing market pattern. Therefore, even well-known brand products are difficult to penetrate into the local economy in a short time. In addition, the loading experiment is carried out at a constant rate, and the market has been disordered for a long time. There are profile factories in various cities and even county-level cities, which seriously affect the market. The fierce price war alone is enough to deter domestic well-known brands. In the same area, it is often several small enterprises that compete to lower the price for the same bidding project, eroding the already low profit space

due to the shrinking profits, some dealers have greatly reduced their loyalty to manufacturers for personal interests. Some small and medium-sized agents withdrew from the market automatically, while others increased their demand for profits from manufacturers, resulting in the reduction of the quality of products produced by manufacturers and falling into an endless price war, reducing the recognition and trust of plastic door and window products in the society

way out

in Shandong profile industry, the overall innovation ability of enterprises is still relatively backward, and the pace of technological innovation is slow, resulting in more and more serious product homogenization. Therefore, when choosing decoration products, some real estate developers only choose plastic doors and windows as low-end supporting products. If you want to change the market pattern, you must face the market first. Every manufacturer should think about how to innovate products, how to do after-sales service, how to promote brands and so on

innovative products are easier to be accepted by the market and interested by customers. The personalized demand of the market is growing. Enterprises should strengthen innovation in personalization, enhance competitiveness, and avoid being eliminated in the depressed market. Plastic door and window enterprises should work hard in embossing, wire drawing, wire drawing and film covering to develop and produce products with more beautiful appearance and higher profit margin

the market competition is becoming more and more fierce. If enterprises want to continue to develop and generate benefits, they must uphold the concept of "honest service". At the same time, enterprises should learn and understand more market needs in after-sales service, use perfect after-sales service to improve product quality and brand value, and obtain high trust and recognition from the market

it is urgent to strengthen brand construction and promotion

the long-term price war and low innovation ability make the overall quality of the industry low, and make the plastic profile and door and window enterprises have a poor reputation in the market. Reshaping the industry image, improving product quality and enhancing popularity are issues that every enterprise urgently needs to take seriously and solve. All enterprises should not focus on the price war, but work together to create a standardized and healthy market environment, so that Shandong plastic profile and door and window enterprises can get out of trouble and embark on the road of sustainable development. Enterprises should refine and strengthen their products, because good products are the key to enterprise development. If an enterprise wants to win a place in the Shandong market of "fierce competition", it must adhere to the concept of continuous innovation to do a good job in every product and create a well-known brand


plastic profiles should develop continuously and healthily in the building materials market. Improving product quality and strengthening technological innovation are the only way. Generally speaking, improving the quality of the industry and promoting the society's recognition of plastic door and window products are not only to comply with the trend of the times of low-carbon, environmental protection and energy conservation, but also the basis for plastic profile enterprises to restructure the market

when all enterprises, like Yingkang, actively take the road of high-quality and independent technological innovation to promote the improvement of the industry level, it is believed that Shandong plastic door and window industry market will eventually make a qualitative leap


facing the difficulties generally faced by industry enterprises, Shandong Huaqing industry has invested heavily in the plastic profile industry, with a plant construction area of nearly 70000 square meters alone. For a time, there were all kinds of voices, including doubts, ridicule, and of course, disdain. All this brings an invisible pressure to the people of Huaqing

at the beginning of 2011, Huaqing people officially entered the plastic profile industry. In April, the company began to conduct a full estimated tensile test with equipment, molds and other manufacturers to see whether the maximum force of the material exceeded the maximum range of the universal tensile strength tester for steel wire rope. In July, Huaqing Yingkang phase I nearly 30000 square meters of plant building main body was completed. In September, the installation of 40 extrusion production lines in phase I of Huaqing Yingkang was completed. In October, the production line entered trial production. During this period, the company's market startup plan is also in progress in an orderly manner

subsequently, the company focused on the introduction and use of personnel, and did a lot of exploratory work from production process operation to marketing, from new product technology to market brand cultivation, and trained every employee from the level of system construction, making Huaqing Yingkang a leading brand with excellent quality and high market reputation

in terms of production technology, the company is at the forefront of scientific and technological innovation, and closely combines the domestic environmental characteristics and market mode to develop profile sections, so that the products are scientific and personalized. The products developed by the company are not only beautiful, but also have good water tightness and air tightness, representing the development trend of plastic doors and windows in China. In terms of product quality, the company has established a comprehensive quality management specification, and implemented comprehensive and strict quality monitoring on the production and manufacturing, raw material procurement and other processes, so that Yingkang profiles have consistent and excellent quality. In the use of talents, the company pays attention to the strategic development of talents, adheres to the construction of the corporate culture theme of "people-oriented", organically combines talents with technological innovation, and condenses the core competitive advantages of the enterprise. In terms of operation and management, the company faces the international mainstream door and window market, expands its business vision, and adheres to the brand construction path of the medium and high-end market. On the road of specialization, the company deepens, refines and strengthens plastic profiles and door and window products, and makes every effort to build a well-known brand in the plastic door and window industry. With a dedicated attitude, the company has been working intensively in the field of plastic doors and windows, always developing steadily along the road of brand construction, and promoting the further development of Chinese door and window culture

Yingkang has actively blazed a path of high-quality and independent technological innovation. Huaqing people said that their efforts are not only for economic interests, but also for the society and industry. Huaqing people have been considering improving the social trust in plastic doors and windows and profiles through quality and innovation, changing people's understanding of plastic doors and windows in the past, and accepting plastic doors and windows as a high-quality commodity with energy conservation, environmental protection and beauty. This should also be the long-term development strategy that Shandong plastic profile enterprises have always adhered to

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