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Plastic products export to the EU has new regulations, and the threshold for plastic tableware and kitchenware to enter Europe has been raised

"although Europe has raised the standard of imported plastic products, as long as we improve product quality and pay attention to brand development, we can still gain a firm foothold in the international market." Participants from a kitchen utensils export enterprise in Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province said with confidence

there are new regulations for the export of plastic products to the European Union

in the tableware exhibition area of the 115th Canton Fair, I talked with exhibitors from a number of export plastic kitchenware enterprises and learned that the product standards of plastic kitchenware exported to Europe have been improved

"the new regulations implemented by the European Union on the entry of plastic products into the market have had a certain impact on China's export of plastic products to Europe, and the quality standards of plastic products exported to Europe are more stringent, which also increases the production and inspection costs of enterprises." Said the exhibitor of Shantou Jinhong Trade Co., Ltd

recently, the European Union issued a new regulation (eu202/2014) to revise the requirements on plastic materials and products in contact with food. The newly revised requirements mainly include: adding two new monomers that can be used to manufacture food contact materials; It is clear that the specific migration limit of dicyandiamide monomer is 60mg/kg; The restriction of the original substance 1,3-phenyldimethylamine is changed from the single migration restriction to the joint restriction with the new substance m-phenyldimethylisocyanate, and the total specific migration is 0.05mg/kg; The restriction description has been updated. The new regulation takes effect 20 days after its release and sets a buffer period, that is, plastic materials and products that legally enter the EU market before March 24, 2014 can continue to be put on the market until March 24, 2015, even if they do not meet the requirements of the regulation, until the inventory is sold

"our disposable plastic cups are mainly exported to the United States, France, Japan, Australia, the Middle East and other regions. The new regulations on plastic products of the European Union put forward higher requirements for the quality of plastic products, and plastic tableware and kitchenware are facing new challenges. Only by constantly improving the quality can we seize the international market." An exhibitor from a kitchen utensils export enterprise in Zhejiang said

only by focusing on quality and brand can we win.

in the face of strict EU plastic product access standards, China's plastic kitchen utensils export enterprises should improve product quality and develop independent brands to obtain more orders. "At present, China's plastic kitchen utensils enterprises have weak design and R & D capabilities and low scientific and technological content of products. Most of the air filled tubes of exported plastic meals will float on the sea in an arc. The products of kitchen utensils enterprises are mostly designed according to samples, and there are few independent R & D products. Enterprises are highly dependent on product R & D and have poor independent innovation capabilities." Participants from Dongyang Plastic Co., Ltd. in Zhejiang Province said that in the future, China's plastic kitchen utensils export enterprises will improve their basic technology, laying a solid foundation for the transformation and upgrading of plastic kitchen utensils export enterprises. Constantly improve the supportability technology of the enterprise, and provide an important guarantee for improving the product quality through the establishment and improvement of the enterprise quality management system, the preparation of the laboratory, and the comprehensive improvement of the enterprise self inspection and self-control technology. Enhance the original technology of products, break through the conventional product design route, integrate diversified unique elements, and take the road of original development

in addition, "China's standards and regulations for plastic tableware and kitchenware lag behind, and the product quality inspection is not comprehensive, which also hinders domestic plastic tableware and kitchenware enterprises from exporting to the European market." An unnamed plastic kitchen utensils export 1 The person in charge of the semiconductor silicon material enterprise said, "Most of the regulations and standards related to plastic products in China were formulated in the 1980s. Although in 2009, the Ministry of health and the National Standardization Commission issued the national standard GB hygienic standard for melamine formaldehyde molded products for food containers and packaging materials, which involves melamine tableware." , there are higher requirements for the testing items and index standards of this kind of products, but there are still some plastic products whose implementation standards are chaotic and cannot be comprehensively tested, which affects the overall quality of the products. It is mainly applicable to the mechanical laboratories of scientific research departments, industrial and mining enterprises and Colleges and universities to measure the changing properties of materials and continuously reduce costs. "

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