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Plastic products factories will turn to intelligent development

more and more intellectualization in life. Under such a background, the plastic industry is also constantly developing towards intelligence. In the future, intelligent plastic products production plants should be: equipment intelligence, production intelligence and service intelligence. Among them, the intellectualization of equipment can realize the intellectualization of production, the intellectualization of production can realize the digitalization of production, and the digitalization of production can effectively change the intellectualization of service

Germany announced the concept of industry 4.0, marking the arrival of the era of intelligent economy with intelligent manufacturing as the core. In the era of comprehensive intelligence, as a part of the future intelligent chemical plant, what functions and applications should injection molding machines achieve in order to better promote the development of the whole plastic manufacturing industry

in the future, intelligent plastic products production plants should be: equipment intelligence, production intelligence and service intelligence. Biodegradable polymer materials initially filled in the damaged parts are also fully absorbed by the mouse body; Equipment intellectualization can realize production intellectualization, production intellectualization can realize production digitalization, and production digitalization can effectively change service intellectualization

requirements of the first injection molding equipment: in the future, intelligent injection molding machines can use the production system to set production requirements. Through the RF information chip and big data platform, they can automatically identify and adjust/install the matching mold, automatically connect water and gas, and automatically connect the middle. However, due to some production steps such as out of stock support, each kind of information data until the sample is damaged is transmitted to the injection molding machine cloud platform through the link, According to big data analysis, injection cloud can intelligently select molds, automatically install molds, intelligently adjust processes, intelligently arrange set raw materials to complete personalized and batch production. It will also be able to cooperate with processing equipment, assembly equipment, packaging equipment, etc., and cooperate to complete the manufacturing, packaging, warehousing and transportation of the whole product

second, intelligent production: intelligent manufacturing, in turn, determines the production process according to the needs of customers. In order to complete personalized production and small batch production, production raw materials and parts are operated first and guided to complete the whole production process. For example, there are 10 batches of production orders, and each batch is customized. First, the customized requirements of customers are directly input into the identification chip of raw materials and parts. The intelligent mixing system starts to mix materials intelligently according to the identification information and transmits the information to the central controller of the injection cloud in advance. It can intelligently judge how to mix raw materials, colors, stickers, inserts, select molds, command the manipulator and automatic feeding system to complete production Package and transport to the exclusive warehouse for shipment

third intelligent service: intelligent active service: in the future, injection molding machines and auxiliary equipment in intelligent factories will receive the production status and data of injection molding machines in factories through injection molding clouds everywhere. Through data analysis, it is finally concluded that machines need maintenance, overhaul and parts can be prepared in advance if a part needs to be replaced. Turning passive service into intelligent active will serve customers more safely and efficiently

productivity and production demand docking service: after the completion of intelligent production, the enterprise will be transformed into an intelligent factory, and all the equipment in the factory will realize data connectivity. Through the injection cloud, the factory decision-makers can always know the production status, so as to judge the remaining production capacity of the injection molding machine and whether it needs excess production capacity to complete production and manufacturing together. How to use excess production capacity to improve efficiency and reduce investment? If a plastic manufacturing enterprise has 100 injection molding machines of different sizes, but has surplus production capacity at a certain point in time, it can be sold through injection molding cloud 6. Measurement accuracy. These companies with production demand and production capacity can be perfectly connected, which can enable the production enterprise to effectively reduce costs and improve profits, Individuals or enterprises with production needs but no equipment have such cheap opportunities. Finally, through the injection cloud, each injection molding machine will be regarded as a service provider, which will bring greater benefits to investors, and enable more entrepreneurs to easily enter the plastic manufacturing industry to realize their dreams, so as to jointly create mass entrepreneurship and innovation in the plastic manufacturing industry

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