The hottest non-woven bags are mostly non degradab

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Most non-woven bags are non degradable fibers, which is not environmental protection. Experts in environmental protection point out that many non-woven bags are nothing more than plastic bags with a different face. Although non-woven fabrics look like cloth, they actually have nothing to do with cloth. As an important transportation base for skilled workers, technical schools also have great difficulties in running schools: the equipment required for the cultivation of manufacturing talents is expensive and the utilization rate is low; The environmental protection of the bags depends mainly on whether the materials are degradable. However, most non-woven bags are made of polypropylene and polyester, which are non degradable fibers, which are difficult to degrade in the natural environment. Such non-woven bags are also not environmentally friendly

plastic bags often become flying "butterflies" after being ripped open in major garbage dumps, giving everyone the impression that white pollution is the key technology bag developed by plastic to break through the composite body structure, which is actually far more than that. Looking at the yogurt bottles, mineral water bottles, and even our shoes, hats, and clothes used every day, plastic products are actually everywhere, just because they have recycling value under the persuasion of volunteers, and the nature of their pollution is not easy to be found

it can be seen that the popularization of environmental protection knowledge is still not enough. To improve environmental awareness, we should start with increasing environmental protection knowledge

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