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Nord transmission will appear at the Nuremberg electrical automation systems and Components Exhibition (SPS IPC drives 2018)

China industrial control but this is the change of the rules of the game. Industrial control information Nord transmission will appear at the Nuremberg electrical automation systems and Components Exhibition (SPS IPC drives 2018)

Nord transmission will appear at the Nuremberg electrical automation systems and Components Exhibition (SPS IPC drives 2018) from November 27 to 29, 2018 Its distributed intelligent drive concept was first displayed in booth 465 of hall 3a. Its product highlights include nordac link field distributed series, nordac flex and logidrive efficient plug and play solutions

Nord distributed drive components can be freely configured and flexibly adjusted according to various applications, including conveyor technology and internal logistics from packaging and food industries to pump applications. Nordac link field distributed series can be used for frequency converters (up to 7.5 kW) and motor starters (up to 3 kW). Its excellent plug and play function facilitates quick and simple unit installation, and the integrated maintenance switch and local manual control equipment can also quickly debug and maintain the system. Like nordac link, nordac flex frequency converter (up to 22 kW) integrates PLC and posicon positioning control functions. Its integrated PLC reduces the load of higher-level control, realizes the concept of automation module, and can also process the data from the connected sensors and actuators. If necessary, it can also directly start the sequence control. The nordac flex frequency converter installed on the motor can be modularized and expanded from batch 1, and provides a variety of functional safety options

reduce costs through standardization

in addition to the intelligent network in driving technology, users often put forward requirements for special economic solutions, such as reducing the number of models. Through its logidrive system, Nord can provide relevant services and easy to maintain plug and play technology. Another important component of driving technology includes energy-saving standardized IE4 reduction motor, 2-stage spiral bevel gear reduction motor and distributed frequency converter, which can ensure the optimization of process and cost

configuration drive technology

through mynord client, users can easily, conveniently and quickly configure the required drive solutions on the basis of Nord's standard product portfolio. Due to its clear interface, clear structure and intuitive navigation, the platform is highly user-friendly. It can also directly generate quotations and always track the current order and delivery status. In addition, all standard products have 3D models, dimension tables and outline drawings

new products: app services

through nordcon app and the corresponding nordac access BT Bluetooth port, Nord can create mobile debugging and service solutions for all drive systems. Its visual dashboard also brings great convenience for monitoring the drive system and fault diagnosis. Users can use the help function and quick access parameter function to give full play to their own resource talents to realize the parameterization of the drive system. The application program can also provide other conveniences. 14. Realize the independent operation of host and microcomputer; Benefit functions, such as backup, recovery and oscilloscope

NORD_ NORDAC_ FLEX_ g: Nordac flex sk 200E distributed frequency converter is the most flexible variable 3D printing object of Nord, with smooth and high-quality surface frequency converter. It adopts motor installation, easy to maintain, suitable for any customer application, and has expandable functions

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