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The "13th five year plan" of nonferrous metal industry will complete six tasks

the "13th five year plan carbon fiber composite automobile" of nonferrous metal industry will complete six tasks

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in 2015, the whole industry showed "three increases" Significantly improve the effectiveness of the test, "three reductions"

"in the case of the steep fall in the price of non-ferrous metals in the domestic and foreign markets, the backbone enterprises in China's non-ferrous metal industry have unprecedented unity and independently adopted measures to limit production and reduce production, effectively alleviating the crisis." Chen quanxun, President of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, recently said at the sixth session of the Third Council of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association that in 2015, affected by multiple international and domestic factors, the operation of China's nonferrous metals industry showed "three increases" and "three decreases", and the strengthening of industry self-discipline was a prominent highlight of the operation of the industry last year

"three increases" refers to the industrial added value of Enterprises above Designated Size in the non-ferrous metal industry increased by 9.5%, ranking in the forefront of national industry; The output of 10 non-ferrous metals reached 51.56 million tons, an increase of 7.2%; Consumption reached 55.6 million tons, an increase of 6.8%. "Three reductions" refers to the decline in investment, export volume and efficiency. Among them, the investment in fixed assets was 671.9 billion yuan, down 2.8%; The export volume was 27.3 billion US dollars, down 9.1%; Enterprises above Designated Size achieved a profit of 151 billion yuan, down 13.2%

when reviewing the development of the industry during the 12th Five Year Plan, Chen quanxun said that over the past five years, the total scale of the industry has increased steadily, its position and role in the national economy have been continuously improved, and its global influence has been rising. Solid steps have been taken to transform the mode of development, and the industrial structure has been continuously optimized. The strength of scientific and technological innovation has been continuously enhanced and fruitful results have been achieved. Remarkable achievements have been made in energy conservation and emission reduction, and a green development pattern has initially taken shape. International cooperation has been deepened and the economic level of opening to the outside world has been continuously improved. In addition, the self construction of the association has been continuously strengthened, and the industry coordination ability and influence have been significantly improved

Chen quanxun analyzed the situation and tasks faced by the "13th five year plan" industry. He said that the "13th five year plan" period is a decisive stage for the high-frequency fatigue testing machine after the completion of a well-off society in an all-round way, and it is also a critical period for China's non-ferrous metal industry to transform and upgrade, improve quality and efficiency, and enter the ranks of world non-ferrous metal industrial powers. The nonferrous metal industry is facing not only great strategic opportunities with great achievements, but also severe challenges with many contradictions superimposed on each other. Internationally, the deep-seated impact of the financial crisis continues to emerge, the world economy and trade remain depressed, and commodity prices may continue to fall. Domestically, the tasks of supply side structural reform, improving quality and efficiency, and green and sustainable development are arduous

facing the above situation, Chen quanxun pointed out that the inspection and research of various samples by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. of China Jinan experimental machine factory were all different. After in-depth investigation, the nonferrous metal industry association of the sample country has completed the research on the "13th five year" development plan of the nonferrous metal industry. There are six key tasks: first, to maintain the steady and healthy development of the industry; second, to strengthen the leading role of innovation; third, to promote the expansion of the application of non-ferrous metals; fourth, to improve the capacity of resource support; fifth, to improve the level of opening up; sixth, to promote green, low-carbon and sustainable development

Chen quanxun pointed out that this year, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association should do the following six key work: first, implement the "three-year action plan" to win the battle of turning losses and increasing profits, transformation and upgrading; Second, efforts should be made to strengthen industry self-discipline and form a market environment conducive to steady growth and structural adjustment of the industry; Third, take effective measures to guide the industry to actively reduce production and strictly control new production capacity; Fourth, by continuing to expand applications, expand international production capacity cooperation, expand product exports, develop intensive processing, deeply tap the potential of market demand, and expand new drivers of development; Fifth, promote industrial and financial cooperation and further reduce the burden on enterprises; Sixth, do a good job in "routine actions" to improve service ability and level

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