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In the process of home decoration, formaldehyde has always been a natural defect that plagues artificial panel furniture and related products. The successful research and development of non-toxic glue and zero formaldehyde series panels will make panel furniture bid farewell to formaldehyde completely. Recently, the natural plant element non-toxic glue developed by a biotechnology company in Shenzhen was unveiled at the Hunan home furnishing Expo. Coincidentally, the domestic market is also similar. 4. Zero formaldehyde series plates without urea formaldehyde glue appeared before the coupon was added. But at present, the price of this environmentally friendly glue and board is usually more than 10 times that of ordinary board

it is reported that 90% of the harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene left in home decoration come from the chemical glue in the boards, putty and paint used in home decoration. The main raw materials of chemical glue, formaldehyde and benzene, have been confirmed as carcinogens by the international health organization. Experts remind citizens that before decoration, they must carefully choose glue as the main material among the main materials. Under the economic conditions permitted by market-oriented operation, they can choose more environmentally friendly glue and plates as much as possible

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