The hottest non-metallic low-voltage distribution

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The low-voltage distribution box with non-metallic shell came out in Tianjin

recently, a non-metallic shell low-voltage column with insulating performance, which is specially used for power distribution in outdoor public places, usually has a ball screw to fix the movable 10 prefix distribution box. The use of this product not only fills the gap in the insulation shell technology of low-voltage distribution box, but also provides a reliable guarantee for improving the quality of citizens' living environment and preventing personal accidental electric shock

it is understood that the scope of application: This low-voltage distribution box developed and produced by Tianjin Sanyuan Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is suitable for power supply network terminals such as industrial and mining enterprises, residential quarters and high-rise buildings. It has good insulation, environmental protection, flame retardancy, corrosion resistance, and is five times longer than the life of metal materials. In addition, the inner and outer aluminum profiles. 5. Positive deviation of tensile test machine indication; It can adopt anodic oxidation or electrostatic powder spraying. The profile also has the characteristics of sun protection, radiation resistance and heat insulation

the use of this product completely solves the problem of accidental electric shock caused by the installation of low-voltage distribution box with iron shell in the community

it is reported that the product has passed the national 3C type test and has been well reflected by the trial operation of the power consumption department

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