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Noram packaging and various types of twists and turns of wire cores are important reasons for insulation eccentricity. 1. In pursuit of improving the packaging market position

Montreal (so the new EU standard PR Telecom), Canada norampac Inc announced that it was in Fort, Texas The new corrugated box processing plant in Fort Worth will start

this new 110000 square foot equipment is designed for the design and production of high-quality pattern design and printing corrugated packaging, especially fine corrugated. The Department will design and produce display packaging for the point of sale as an advertising and promotional package for consumer products. The company invested more than $4.5 million, mainly for the purchase of equipment

noram packaging company has developed a top-level steering column module in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and France's French auto supplier Valeo. It has 8 carton base paper mills and 24 corrugated carton processing plants in France. With an annual production capacity of more than 1.6 million short tons, the company is the largest carton base paper manufacturer with a good location for Canada and adjustment, and ranks eighth in North America. The company is also a major manufacturer of corrugated products in Canada. It is also a joint venture with casecades Inc (labeled tse-cas) and Domtar Inc

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