The hottest noodle bowl of Master Kang in jinmaila

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Jinmailang and Master Kang noodle bowls were accused of containing fluorescent agents. By June 1 this year, the three national standards for paper products had been officially implemented for the first anniversary

a recent survey report released by the International Food Packaging Association showed that some paper tableware still had potential safety hazards. Master Kang, jinmailang and other well-known instant noodles still contain fluorescent agents

some brand instant noodle bowls still contain fluorescent agents

the statistical table of instant noodle bowls samples released by the International Food Packaging Association shows that in many large supermarkets in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the fluorescent agents of the outer packaging of 20 brands of instant noodles have been tested, which drives the middle beam to move up and down, including Master Kang, jinmailang, Nongxin, Baijia Chenji, Wugu Daochang, Baixiang Instant Noodle paper bowls of uni president and other brands contain fluorescent agents

Dong Jinshi, Secretary General of the International Food Packaging Association, suggested that the outer paper of the instant noodle bowl is in direct contact with the population. For enterprises that have not replaced the outer paper of the instant noodle bowl, it is best to replace the outer paper with food grade paper for the health of consumers

the manufacturer claims that the packaging is a national qualified product

for the problem that the outer packaging contains fluorescent agents, contact jinmailang and Master Kang manufacturers respectively. Master Kang said that the packaging of Master Kang's instant noodles is self-produced and unified across the country. The paper bowl is divided into two layers, the inner layer does not contain fluorescent agent, while the outer layer of fluorescent agent, whether international or domestic, is not related, and the quality standard of space structure is improved

relevant staff of jinmailang said that their paper bowls have passed the national inspection. They were inspected once in August last year, and then open the test software to carry out the experiment. Recently, they will publish the relevant certificates that have passed the inspection and can increase the service life of the experimental machine to the official station

there are potential safety hazards in the varnish of instant noodle bowls

the investigation also pointed out that in addition to the problem of using paper on the outer layer of instant noodle bowls, the varnish on the outermost layer has always been a health concern of instant noodle bowls

varnish has the functions of glazing, color matching and isolation. The varnish on the outermost layer of instant noodle bowl is mainly to avoid direct contact between ink and human body. In the production and sales process of paper bowls and cups, in order to save space, a specific number of products are often stacked together before packaging, that is to say, the outer layer of the product and the inner layer of another product are not in contact during production and use, but they are in contact most of the time. Cardboard or finished products will be stacked together, directly polluting the inside of another product

varnish is a complex mixture containing more than 30 chemicals, such as arsenic pentoxide, cobalt dichloride, etc. At present, there is no relevant standard for food varnish in China, but considering that consumers may directly contact the outer varnish when drinking soup with instant noodle bowls, the varnish should meet the food grade requirements

Dong Jinshi suggested that the relevant national standard formulation departments should issue food grade gloss standards as soon as possible to solve the current situation that there is no standard for gloss used in food packaging

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