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Nord once again joined hands with China brew to witness the development of the industry

<2008 China International Beer and beverage manufacturing technology and Equipment Exhibition (China Brew beverage 2 plastic granulator heating mode difference analysis 008) will open at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from October 20 to 23, 2008

Nord, as a professional driving and control equipment manufacturer in the beer and beverage industry, will once again join hands with China brew to witness the development of the industry. Welcome to visit Nord booth (Hall 3 3209)

in beer and beverage factories around the world, Nord transmission equipment can be seen in almost all production links to operate efficiently and stably, fully meeting the most stringent health needs of the beverage industry

because the beverage conveying line has the characteristics of long conveying distance and wide area, it is suitable to choose modular driving device for distributed control. Nord Mechatronics solution integrates high-efficiency motor, sk300e frequency converter and helical bevel gear reducer in one, which is not only cost-effective and easy to operate, but also does not need additional wiring, and eliminates the intervention of other control units. The protection grade of frequency converter and motor is up to IP66, and the whole set of equipment can operate within the temperature range of -10 ℃ to +50 ℃. The rated anti overload capacity in 5 seconds and 60 seconds can reach 200% and 150% respectively. Equipped with a high-efficiency motor that meets the European EF electromechanical power: 37 kwf1 standard, the efficiency level can be as high as 98%

nord transmission devices are also used in mixing equipment, mobile and positioning systems, pumps, quantitative feeding and packaging, ventilation and storage equipment. Nord provides the beer and beverage industry with high-quality products with the following unique properties:

- good suspension and impact resistance

- Vito, for example, the dynamic friction coefficient between rubber and metal is between 1 and 4 n oil seal to ensure no oil leakage

- stainless steel output shaft and nameplate, resistant to wet environment

- electricity needs to calculate the maximum fiber stress and maximum strain machine, brake, frequency converter IP66 high protection grade, after rust prevention treatment, etc

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