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Nordic chemical upgraded the Swedish cracking plant with 160million euros

adopting gb7631.1 (87) anti-wear hydraulic oil l-hm68 (its viscosity is equivalent to the old brand No. 40). The chemical giant Nordic chemical group, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, will invest 160million euros to upgrade its production plant in stenonsund, Sweden

the company said that the investment will upgrade and refurbish four of its six cracking furnaces, which will meet the current highest standard, and the remaining two cracking furnaces will be completely out of service due to aging

is it nonlinear and what is the degree of nonlinearity?

Nordic chemical said that its Stenon sunder cracking plant has the largest raw material storage in Europe and has brought good social reputation and capacity to both partners

last year, Nordic chemical announced to invest millions of yuan to upgrade the cracking plant in 2009 and 2012 and build a new ethane storage tank for storing ethane imported from Europe and the United States

CEO Mark Garrett said in the draft, "our cracking plant in stenonsund is an important strategic asset and an important driving force for our success. This investment project is particularly beneficial, allowing us to improve stability and operability, while reducing plant complexity and maintenance needs."

Nordic chemical currently has about 6500 employees worldwide, and its business is distributed in 120 countries, with sales of 8.3 billion euros in 2014

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