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NORDENIA will launch a new PP film to ensure printability

NORDENIA is preparing to launch a PP film to expand its Po film product series. At present, this new PP film is under development and is expected to be launched by the end of this year. The main disadvantage of PP film is that pretreatment is required to ensure printability and adhesive adhesion. NORDENIA said that these problems can be solved through a new way. The first test in the laboratory showed that the products of downstream manufacturers were still in the stage of R & D and pilot production, and the PP film reached a high surface tension level not to meet the experimental requirements of hot rolling, castings and forgings, and could be maintained for more than 6 months

NORDENIA's Po label film is said to have excellent optical properties and good standard output performance, die cutting performance, compressibility, serviceability, dimensional stability and water resistance. At present, the film thickness provided ranges from 40 to 95 M. The thinner Po series film can greatly reduce the cost, reduce the consumption of raw materials, and reduce the transportation weight. The material length of the same drum diameter is longer

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