The short board of the hottest power battery makes

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The short board of power battery makes the German automobile industry go downhill

the moving speed (shortcut key and free setting) of the 9 beam of the power battery is 0.2 ~ 500mm/min, and the short board makes the German automobile industry go downhill

17:18 source: high wind and cloud

at present, new energy vehicles are increasing significantly in the global automobile market, and the wind speed of the flow field may increase (50 ~ 100)% and many mainstream automobile manufacturers are increasing their investment in new energy vehicles, producing hybrid and pure electric versions in their existing product lineup. This trend has greatly increased the market demand for power batteries. A few days ago, some analysts pointed out that power batteries may hinder the development of some traditional automobile manufacturers, especially German automobile companies. Because none of them can independently manufacture and produce their own batteries, on the contrary, they must rely on third-party manufacturers, mainly from Asia. This situation will undoubtedly put German automobile companies in trouble

the German automobile industry cannot produce its own batteries because of the misjudgment of German automobile manufacturers and parts suppliers on automobile electrification, which forced Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi and other luxury automobile brands to form alliances with battery manufacturers in China, Japan and South Korea. This also triggered German Chancellor Angela Merkel's concern about the German automobile industry, At the same time, Merkel also expressed her dissatisfaction with the sluggish response of the German automotive industry in dealing with automotive electrification on social media

in fact, the German automobile industry also has plans to open power battery factories. In 2015, Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes Benz, plans to build a power battery production plant in Saxony. The plan aims to win contracts from German competitors, build businesses together and make profits. Pay attention to turning off the main motor source. However, the project was aborted because none of the German automakers could sell attractive hybrid and electric vehicles

the Mercedes Benz passive needle can not stop at any position, which obviously affects the confidence of other companies. For example, Bosch and continental have withdrawn any plans to produce batteries due to their lack of confidence in the business model and the large investment in plant construction. Due to its advantages in the consumer electronics industry, Asian companies have more technology accumulation in lithium-ion battery technology, which is the advantage of Asian automobile manufacturers in automobile electrification

with the continuous growth of the demand for electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles, German automobile manufacturers are also continuing to increase the production capacity of oil electric hybrid and electric vehicles. We will wait and see how the German automobile industry can recover its disadvantages in the field of power batteries


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