The shortage of materials in Cuba's packaging indu

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The shortage of materials in Cuba's packaging industry restricts industrial production

according to the report of Contemporary Cuba station, Cuba's packaging material manufacturing industry can only meet half of the domestic demand. In 2014, it is estimated that about 226million pesos (see Note 1) will be spent to import the packaging materials necessary for domestic production of single-layer graphene (the starting point for the utilization of many latent electrons), especially the production of biopharmaceutical and food industries

Pakistan is starting to update its food processing and production equipment, especially the capping machine for canned food. The packaging industry is also committed to increasing the output of polyethylene bags. The output in 2014 is planned to double that in 2013

Vice Minister of the Ministry of food industry kenyones stressed that Cuba does not have a capping machine for canned containers, and more than one third of the country's canned container production equipment were products of the 1950s. Despite the high durability of the equipment itself, there are no corresponding spare parts in the world at present, so it is difficult to prolong its service life

officials from the Ministry of industry said that they planned to establish a production line of small-size packaging materials and a production plant of plastic and other flexible packaging materials in the Mariel development zone

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