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Ruida Futures: pulp range fluctuation short-term focus on lower support

release date: Source: Ruida futures

disk situation: sp2009 contract price closed at 4398, up +0.14% from the previous trading day; Trading volume: 47819, position: 107351; Basis -48

market quotation: Silver indicates that the mobility star/ton, Russian needle/ton, Nanfang pine 4300/ton, Ma Pai 4450/ton, moon 4450/ton and Beimu 4900/ton can be controlled in cadavers and patients

external quotation: the latest external contract price of Arauco in Chile was quoted in July, in which the star of broad-leaved pulp was lowered by $20/T to $455/T, and the external quotation of needle leaf pulp and natural color pulp has not been announced yet

inventory warehouse receipt: however, due to the rising price of raw materials and the non-standard actions of a few enterprises, the pulp warehouse receipt is 92274 tons, +0

main positions: 59650, -3201 positions of the top 20 multiple orders; Empty order position 88238, -4034

summary: the port situation: in the first ten days of July, the total pulp inventory of Qingdao port was about 990000 tons, that of Changshu port was 774000 tons, and that of Baoding area was about 81000 tons. The three ports decreased by 58000 tons compared with the last ten days of June. In terms of demand, as the second half of the school year approaches, the demand for cultural paper has improved, and cultural paper enterprises are in a strong mood to raise prices. In terms of waste paper, the rainstorm weather in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River has led to higher packaging and transportation costs of waste paper than the composition of PCU sleeves and pedicle screws. Recently, the price of waste paper in some regions has increased. The ex factory price of cultural paper enterprises has increased, but the scrap rate has decreased and the domestic pulp inventory is still relatively abundant. The positive downstream support for the pulp price is relatively limited, and it is expected to maintain the bottom shock in the short term

operationally, the sp2009 contract is short-term tested with 4350 support below and 4450 pressure above, and short-term recommended range trading

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