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How much does it cost to decorate 100 square meters in Wuhan? For this problem, Xiaobian can't give an accurate value, because the decoration price will be affected by many aspects, but here, Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian will tell you the approximate cost of simple decoration of 100 square meters in Wuhan. The following is the decoration budget of 100 square meters made by Xiaobian according to the market conditions of Wuhan


water heater conversion: 100 yuan

small store: 900 yuan

seven kitchen and bathroom triangle valves *6 yuan: 42 yuan

1 washing machine faucet *15 yuan: 15 yuan

door stopper 2 * 13 yuan: 26 yuan

1 bathtub faucet *250 yuan: 250 yuan

one kitchen faucet *250 yuan: 250 yuan

Siemens switch 3 fold, spotlight 4, 357 yuan in total

sliding door track and accessories: 201 yuan

door hinge 2 pairs *31.5 yuan: 63 yuan:

spring hinge 4 pairs *7.6 yuan: 30.4 yuan

curtain track and grey shutter: 660 yuan (single: 38 yuan/meter double: 65 yuan/meter)

wardrobe rod: 12 yuan

floor: 52 yuan/square * 60 square meters =3120 yuan toilet batten: 38 yuan

floor batten: 120 yuan total: 3278 yuan

forest 11 liter water heater 1855 yuan

total: 8039.4 yuan

total: 3453 yuan

cabinets, furniture and accessories:

1. Cabinet 5200 yuan kitchen hook 38 yuan total: 5238 yuan

2. Children's room

children's room bed: 810 yuan

bedside table in children's room: 336 yuan

children's room wardrobe: 1291 yuan

children's room desk: 749

bookshelf in children's room: 734 yuan

push cabinet in children's room: 596 yuan

chairs in children's room: 321 yuan

clothes hanger in children's room: 283 yuan

children's mattress: 700 yuan

total: 5820 yuan

3. Main bedroom

four door wardrobe: 2400 yuan

bedside cabinet (2): 812 yuan

bed: 1316 yuan

sofa: 3500 yuan

shoe cabinet: 840 yuan

tea table: 456 yuan

dining table: 1046 yuan

dining chair: 968 yuan

dresser and mirror: 1055 yuan

12393 yuan -1000 yuan (preferential) = 11393 yuan

mattress: 1939 yuan

total: 13332 yuan

4 Curtain: 1200 yuan

5. Carpet: 550 yuan

tapestry: 100 yuan

IKEA decorations: 799 yuan

cushion: 18 yuan

decorations: 115 yuan

total: 27172 yuan

sanitary ware:

hcg8150 acrylic bathtub: 880 yuan

hcg toilet 353d:880 yuan (free of accessories)

bathtub overflow 8270-ao:120 yuan drainage accessories 75 yuan faucet accessories 8 yuan

bathroom basin: 1700 yuan

total: 3613 yuan

electrical appliances:

range hood and stove: 1133 yuan

towpipe: 50 yuan

kitchen sink: 200 yuan (free of accessories)

Pacific hot bar: 400 yuan

three air conditioners 5849 yuan

total: 7632 yuan


860 yuan

decorative supplies:

wall clock: 80 yuan

hydropower Transformation: 4000 yuan


wood freight: 25 yuan, handling 20 yuan;the

sand and stone handling 20 yuan:

molding board freight: 25 yuan

decoration labor: 11700 yuan

total: 11790 yuan

total: 73294.5 yuan

of course, if the brands of the selected decorative materials are different, the decoration cost of 100 square meters is different. Nowadays, there are many decoration companies in Wuhan, among which there are many cheaters. How can owners choose reliable decoration companies? The simplest way is to go to Wuhan home decoration network for decoration bidding, and you can get 3 decoration effect schemes for free, and let professional designers help you design schemes for free. Free on-site room measurement. Wuhan home decoration network is fully supported and supervised by Hubei decoration industry association. Wuhan is the only platform that truly provides third-party decoration supervision services, so that you can really rest assured of decoration. Registration Tel.: 400-607-2258 [free application]




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