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Simple life, simple decoration. Simple decoration contains a strong love for simple life. Simple lines, simple decoration and simple layout are all about simple decoration

home decoration tiles are indispensable materials. The price of choosing tiles is actually determined by the decoration budget of the owner. Let's take a look at the price of simple decoration tiles and how to choose them. Let's take a look at the price and selection skills of simple decoration tiles

price of simple decoration ceramic tiles

simple decoration is home decoration of 100-500 yuan/square meter. Under the condition of limited budget, the choice of ceramic tiles should be based on the budget. Generally speaking, for simple decoration ceramic tiles, it is necessary to choose ordinary ceramic tiles as cheap as possible. At present, the cheaper wall tiles are glazed tiles, floor tiles are non slip tiles, the price of ordinary glazed tiles is 23 yuan/square meter, and fire decoration is 28 yuan/square meter

simple decoration ceramic tile selection skills

1. Do a good job in design and planning. What ceramic tiles to use for decoration should be planned and designed in advance, so as to avoid going back and reworking during the decoration process when it is available. This will not only waste the material money of ceramic tiles, but also waste the decoration wages. Which specification and model of ceramic tiles should be selected to facilitate paving and reduce losses should also be considered

2. In the off-season of decoration, the materials and wages are usually low, which is a good time to start. Both the decoration wages and materials can save costs and make the decoration budget sufficient

3. Using the price war of merchants, some manufacturers often fight price war at any time, which is exactly what the owners want. For example, in the price war of ceramic tiles, this is a good time to purchase. We can't expect them to purchase until they lose everything, because at that time, your home decoration may have been finished. The most important thing is that we can save as much as we can. At present, we can save as much as we can

simple decoration steps

1. Starting from the bathroom first, it is necessary to turn the floor, turn the wall, and use a simple heat insulation board on the top, not to mention the toilet, and the washbasin can be vertical, which is small and does not occupy space. There are also mirrors in the bathroom, which can play a bright and spacious effect

2. In addition to wall to wall, the kitchen also needs a table for cooking

3. All doors and windows in the room must be wrapped with plywood and painted so that they look like home. All walls and roofs of the room are painted white with lippon paint. This will make people feel clean and bright

4. The floor is all made of cheap synthetic floor, which also eliminates the cost of painting and carpentry. The floor looks uniform, clean, bright, beautiful and generous

some simple discrimination methods for ceramic tile acceptance

(1) compare the size deviation, and put two pieces of the same brick randomly selected together to see whether the size is consistent; If the size error is greater than 0.5mm, it cannot be used for construction

(2) deformation correction: overlap the two bricks to see whether there is a gap in the middle. Products with a flatness greater than 0.1mm have poor effect after decoration and cannot be used in the project

(3) color difference size: randomly take several pieces of bricks from multiple packages and place them flat on the plane, and visually check whether their colors are consistent two meters away

(4) surface quality: observe whether the brick surface of the ceramic tile is fine and uniform, and whether there are visible defects such as speckles, holes, etc., and then apply several drops of colored liquid on the local surface evenly, wipe it with a wet cloth after a few seconds, and observe whether there are residual color spots on the surface

summary: the above is the brief decoration ceramic tile price and purchasing skills introduced by Xiaobian. I hope it can effectively help you. Please pay attention to more information




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