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Modern simple style, American pastoral style... What style do you want to make your home? Decoration style must be considered before decoration, otherwise you may find that your home doesn't know when it is made into a "four unlike"

♥ 8 decoration styles. Who do you love

modern simplicity, American rural style ·& middot;& middot; What style do you want to make your home? Decoration style must be considered before decoration, otherwise you may pretend to dress and find that your home does not know when it has been integrated by yourself “ Four unlike ”. So what are the common decoration styles? Now let's take a look with Xiaobian. 01. Modern simple style modern simple style is a more popular style in recent years, and the decoration effect is simple but not monotonous. The simple style of decoration is to simplify the design of every part of the house. The decoration looks very simple on the whole, but it can be seen everywhere that the owner has spent his mind. Another characteristic of modern simple style is that it pays attention to practicality. In terms of furniture accessories, it focuses on practicality and functionality, and won't pay attention to some fancy decorations. Too many fancy decorations, such as many trinkets on the table, will not add color to the decoration effect, but will destroy the overall style of modern simplicity

02. Pastoral style pastoral style is a style close to nature and yearning for nature. Nowadays, urban buildings are made of reinforced concrete, so people are more and more longing for nature. Building a home into an idyllic style makes people feel closer to nature, warm and relaxed. The creation of rural style mainly depends on the decoration with natural flavor such as pottery, brick, earth, wood and bamboo, and green plants are the most common elements in rural style. Green plants are used to decorate the space, make plants integrate into the space, and create a natural and simple feeling

03. Mediterranean style Mediterranean style is a typical representative of similar marine decoration style. Because this decoration style has strong Mediterranean Regional Characteristics and humanistic customs, it is named Mediterranean decoration style. Mediterranean style is a representative of nature, romance and freedom. In terms of design, lime mud walls, ceramic bricks, sea blue tiles, doors and windows are more elements. Circular arches, continuous arcades and horseshoe windows are often used to connect the space and show the permeability of the space

04. American style American style is characterized by leisure and atmosphere. Compared with other styles, American style design is uninhibited and casual. And every space in American style has its own style. For example, the design of the living room pays more attention to the spacious effect and thick historical heritage, while the bedroom pays more attention to practicality, and uses cloth art to create a warm and comfortable effect. As a space for learning and working, the decoration of the study should be simple and practical, but the decoration of the study also reflects the experience of the owner, which adds a sense of massiness to the study

05. New Chinese style new Chinese style is a combination of Chinese traditional culture and modern Chinese culture, which gives people a more natural feeling and makes the connotation of Chinese decoration more popular. Common elements of new Chinese style decoration include mahogany furniture, landscape paintings, screens, etc

06. Japanese style Japanese decoration style is very simple, mainly wood decoration, furniture decoration centered on the tea table, sliding doors and windows also echo with the wooden construction of the wall, presenting a simple and elegant effect as a whole, with strong practical functions

07. European style European style is rich in color and luxurious in furniture and decoration. In addition, European style presents a noble and elegant romance. It brings comfort to residents through humanized curves and exquisite workmanship of furniture

08. Loft style since the 1990s, loft has become an art fashion sweeping the world. Generous block geometry, red brick exterior walls, few interior walls partition, giving people the feeling of being tall, spacious and solid. Design the large bay or empty part of the building into a working area, and then build an attic in a part of the space for living. The original red brick walls with steel structure and simple painting are used in the material, and the characteristics of the industrial building itself are fully exposed





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