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Yesterday, the reporter learned from Quanzhou housing and urban rural development bureau that in order to accelerate the industrialization of housing, develop green buildings, build energy-saving and Land-saving Housing, and improve the quality of real estate development, we will encourage the fine decoration of new commercial housing from this month

according to the relevant documents, the implementation of the fine decoration project of newly-built commercial housing can enjoy preferential policies, including: after the project enters the fine decoration stage, the pre-sale fund supervision can be lifted upon the application of the enterprise after the letter of guarantee issued by the local real estate development enterprise with level II or above qualification of the project under construction (it is clear that the enterprise will be the main body responsible for the successful completion of the project after bankruptcy, dissolution and other liquidation situations); When selecting and hiring early-stage property service enterprises, the development enterprises can adopt invitation for bids in accordance with relevant regulations; The infrastructure supporting fee will be delayed and paid in a lump sum at the time of planning and acceptance; In the process of handling relevant procedures, the relevant administrative examination and approval departments should open green channels for them

the upgrading of the qualification level of real estate development enterprises will also be linked to the development performance of fine decoration of new commercial housing, and the development enterprises developing fine decoration of new commercial housing will be given priority to support and upgrade; Those who participate in the evaluation will be given priority; In the annual inspection of real estate qualification, priority should be given to the green channel. All commercial banking institutions should increase their support for real estate credit, with preferential credit lines, preferential interest rates, preferential issuance of mortgages, and preferential arrangement of provident fund loans

at the same time, the development enterprise assumes the responsibility for the quality of housing decoration and is responsible for the corresponding after-sales service. The quality of decoration products and construction quality shall be incorporated into the capital construction management procedures and the enterprise integrity system; Model houses for physical decoration should be built in the sales real estate, and the delivery standards should be displayed to property buyers; When delivering the house, the buyer must be provided with the decoration quality guarantee, including the decoration schedule, decoration plan and the manufacturer of main materials and components, and the relevant warranty period must be implemented; Specify the relevant indicators of facilities and equipment in the residential operation manual, and clarify the use methods and maintenance requirements. (reporter Li Boling)





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