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At the beginning of this year, Beijing took the lead in revising and releasing the model text of the "construction contract for family room decoration". The reporter learned that compared with the version released in 2003, the revised text has clear requirements in terms of project change, project acceptance, payment method and so on. The contract changes in Beijing after the revision mainly include three aspects: first, the payment method of the decoration contract changes the original payment method of the predetermined proportion in three times, but leaves it to the parties to negotiate the payment proportion in four times; Second, in terms of project acceptance, implement the new standard "code for quality acceptance of Residential Building Decoration Engineering"; Third, an interim acceptance link has been added. ◆ enterprise response: the over standard decoration budget is easy to cause disputes. What are the views of major decoration enterprises in Guangzhou on the new home decoration regulations and the new decoration contract? Liu Yiping, deputy general manager of Guangdong Xingyi decoration, told reporters that because the contracts purchased by the company before have not been used up, the old version of the decoration contract is still used at present. For the problem of exceeding the decoration budget specifically mentioned in the new version of the contract, Liu Yiping said that it is now to postpone the work of concealed works. In fact, Xingyi decoration has always done the work related to concealed works before decoration, During the decoration, avoid disputes by communicating and negotiating with customers. Lai Jisheng, general manager of oupai decoration, also said that through negotiation with customers, the problem of exceeding the decoration budget can be better avoided. At present, both Beijing and Shanghai have been actively promoting the new version of the contract, but europay has not received the relevant notice and is still using the old version of the contract for the time being. He told reporters that the average actual cost of each decoration contract of europay decoration exceeded the budget by about 5%, which is more reasonable in the industry. Chen Dong, the head of home decoration of Ti Mach villa at Bologna in Guangzhou, said that Bologna had launched a zero increase project for decoration. The premise of the concept of zero added items is that the company and the customer have a common agreement. After the project budget is measured and identified, the commitment of zero added items will be made on the basis of the basic guarantee recognized by both parties. If the increase exceeds 5%, the company will pay. The new regulations should clearly specify what additional items are, under what conditions additional items are not allowed, and under what conditions they are allowed. ◆ reporter investigation: it is very common for decoration budget overruns of 20 ~ 30%. The reporter learned that few home decoration enterprises in Guangzhou can really achieve zero additional items, which first comes from technical difficulties. How to achieve the standardization of drawings, through strict review of drawings, truly quantify the size and material consumption, and strive to avoid additional items caused by drawing operation errors. Industry insiders pointed out that it is common for the actual cost of home decoration in Guangzhou to exceed the contract budget by 20% - 30%, and it is difficult to control it within 8% or even zero increase. What is the reason why the decoration budget generally exceeds the standard? According to insiders, some decoration companies usually play tricks in the first door-to-door measurement, reporting the main manual items such as demolition works, cement works, wall ash shoveling and painting works, and ground pavement as less area, so as to form a lower total amount to attract customers to sign contracts; Secondly, the increase in the area of secondary measurement has led to a significant increase in the cost of basic decoration materials such as wires, water pipes, coatings, etc., and finally the actual total cost of decoration has greatly exceeded the budget. It is understood that at present, there are three main project contracting methods in Guangzhou decoration market, among which the owner purchases main materials and some projects contract auxiliary materials, which are most adopted in the decoration market. If the owner orders and selects materials in person, the material funds will be much more transparent, but the owner should note that the home decoration budget only includes the project funds budget made by the home decoration company, and does not include the project funds budget of some materials ordered by the owner. In this kind of project budget sheet, some projects such as water, electricity, line pipe, wall demolition and wall building often only list items and unit prices, without specific quantities, leaving a gap for settlement, which will cause settlement to significantly exceed the budget. ◆ consumer voice: it is better to clearly publicize the material price. What is the attitude of consumers towards the new decoration contract? Last year, Mr. Liu, who hired a decoration company online to decorate and encountered a substantial over budget, said: after the decoration, from my experience, the difference between the actual decoration cost and the contract budget is only 8%, which can be said to be ideal and plump for consumers, and it is really skinny. In particular, those companies that are not up to the top should not only attract consumers by low prices, but also control the number and amount of projects, but also ensure profitability. This is very difficult to do, and it is also the most reassuring thing for our consumers. Ms. Liao, a citizen who is decorating, told reporters: for our consumers, the most difficult thing is how to select formal, cost-effective and well-known decoration companies. If the Administration for Industry and Commerce and industry associations can assess and score the decoration companies in the city every year and give our consumers an authoritative and reliable reference for scoring, that would be great. Moreover, the profit margin of decoration materials is very large, and we don't understand it. We all ask decoration masters and designers to help buy them. If the price of main decoration materials can be publicized like meat and vegetables, we consumers can know it well. ◆ experts' reminder: be careful when reviewing the budget. Experts remind consumers that owners should also be careful when reviewing the decoration budget, try to make the project budget of the decoration project look clear, and avoid the repeated occurrence of words like one item. For example, the owner has an estimate of the quantities of water, electricity, lines and other projects to avoid opening too many budget projects and increasing the amount of settlement. In the absence of elevation and detail drawings, the unit price of the project should be noted that there is no pricing for the time being, and the price can be estimated after the drawings are clear. www.jiazhuang6. COM, the most professional home decoration portal





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