Assumption of replacing plastic straw with paper s

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The idea of replacing plastic straw with paper straw

the seemingly insignificant straw has already become an important product in our daily life. In recent years, with the rapid development of the food packaging industry, while bringing convenience to people's lives, more and more discarded plastic straws began to burden the environment, while paper straws gradually showed their advantages because of their recyclability

Peter, director of marketing and customer service in the special paper field of donta company Gilbert said in a recent interview that the company is no stranger to the paper straw business and used to supply paper to the largest manufacturer of paper straw. However, in order to turn the paper straw from a niche market into a commodity, the paper industry still needs to upgrade deep processing technology and improve the performance of paper

at present, the cost of paper straw is 5 times higher than that of plastic straw, which is mainly divided into two categories. Because of the slow speed of the deep processing equipment, there are more than plastic straws produced per minute, while the internal structure of plastic extrusion is relatively loose. The equipment can produce more than 2000 plastic straws per minute to ensure that the post personnel are in the process of handover. At the same time, the strict requirements of deep processing make the special paper as the raw material of paper straw must be strong. In order to make the paper straw reach the compressive strength, the straw is made of three to four layers of paper, and the manufacturing process is very strict. More importantly, the paper used as straw must be waterproof to ensure that people will not deform and fall apart when using it to suck liquids. At the same time, we must ensure that the material is biodegradable to respond to people's concerns about environmental protection, but even if we meet these requirements, it will take some time

although there are many challenges, it does not mean that paper straws will not be put into the market in large quantities soon. Gilbert said that many deep-processing manufacturers are learning how to make paper straws. In order to meet the market demand, they have begun to buy paper straws making equipment, and donta special paper company is also actively cooperating with some deep-processing paper mills to find a new improved qualified paper as the raw material of paper straws

Introduction to donta company

donta company was a Canadian forest paper enterprise, with companies in Canada and the United States respectively. After the paper business merger with American Huihao company in 2006 (Huihao 55%, donta 45%), the company is no longer regarded as a Canadian company, and the Canadian stock market index no longer includes donta company. The company is now regarded as a forest paper enterprise in North America. It is the largest manufacturer of uncoated full-size paper in North America. According to the output, it is the second largest paper factory in North America (products include personal care and baby diapers, etc.)

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