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To be honest, Xu, who has a doctoral degree, won't cause a false structure to mix with the associate professor of the University at the age of 48. Although he can't compare with the young professor, it's also good in general. As an old saying goes, it's better than the top. Besides, associate professors have been around for many years, papers have been published, and there are some project achievements. The title of "Zhenggao" is just around the corner, and this position should be cherished

Mr. Xu was the head of an Engineering Laboratory of a university in Dalian at that time. Of course, his main business was teaching and scientific research. The leader trusted Mr. Xu and assigned him to contact and purchase a batch of project equipment. Mr. Xu was a little "right", but he was actually excited, and money was confused before the customs

from April to November 2009, when Xu purchased from a technology company in Dalian, he asked Wang, the female head of the technology company, to falsely report the equipment purchase contract and increase the equipment quotation. As the head of the company, as long as he can sell the equipment and make money, why not? In this way, Xu took 328350 yuan of equipment procurement funds from it and put his own pocket. Wang sold the equipment and made money. Everyone was happy

from April to November 2010, Xu purchased equipment for the school from a construction machinery company, falsely reported the purchase contract, and obtained 160746 yuan of equipment purchase funds

if you want others to know, don't do it unless you do it yourself. This finally happened. Last April, Xu was arrested and 330000 yuan of stolen money was detained by the judicial authorities. Wang knew this, so she had better take the initiative. She surrendered herself

What crime should be convicted in the case? There is a dispute in court. Xu is also an educated person. He taught himself the criminal law to defend himself. He knew that this crime of corruption was severely sentenced. He thought that the Constitution and characteristics of the crime were consistent with the crime of fraud, rather than the crime of corruption charged by the prosecution. Lawyers also have words and use terms, that is, Xu's purchase of equipment is assigned by the leadership to purchase teaching equipment, and he has no decision-making power, which is not in line with the legal constituent "elements" of the crime of corruption. We all understand this term. The lawyer also said that Xu's family life was difficult and his work performance was good. He actively returned stolen goods and requested a lighter punishment. Wang's lawyer also used a term when defending, that is to say, Wang is a "helper", and he has no purpose of possessing public property, so he suggested that he be sentenced to probation. It's true that she lied about the price of the equipment in order to sell more equipment. It was Xu who got the money

the defendant and lawyer finished speaking. The judge said that the judge's point of view was clear. Xu was a staff member of a university. For the purpose of illegal possession, he falsely reported the equipment contract when purchasing teaching equipment, increased the equipment quotation, and defrauded the public to conduct formal experiments. The common property was taken as his own, which was in line with the constitutive requirements of the crime of corruption. Wang, an accomplice, surrendered himself, and the mitigated punishment is applicable to probation. Xu embezzled 489096 yuan

results on January 15 this year, the court of first instance made a judgment that Xu committed the crime of corruption, sentenced him to 11 years' imprisonment, deprived of political rights for 3 years, and confiscated 489096 yuan of property; Wang committed the crime of corruption and was sentenced to 3 years' imprisonment with 3 years' probation

comment greed has nothing to do with academic qualifications and professional titles. In the face of this human weakness, everyone may submit

and sometimes power is the catalyst of greed, which makes people forget fear and fear. Therefore, what search engine actually seeks is a satisfaction in the sense of accounting. Close the oil return valve, driven only by greed in the heart, and it will eventually destroy its future

smart people tend to take shortcuts, exploit loopholes, and refuse to do stupid work. Finally, they go to the dock and use their "intelligence" to study: is it corruption or fraud that I committed? Is this an irony? This is really clever, but it was mistaken by cleverness

life is a double Cultivation: on the one hand, it is to cultivate one's academic qualifications, professional titles, wealth, social status and various titles, fishing for fame and reputation, so as to make oneself look infinite; On the other hand, it is necessary to cultivate your virtue, quality, taste and realm, so that you can be calm, happy and peaceful in any background

when the two cannot really match, there will always be hidden dangers. At least, it is also a regret of life

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