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XCMG "junior high school students" keep learning to become "academicians of workers"

XCMG "junior high school students" keep learning to become "academicians of workers"

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"as long as we have knowledge and skills, we can create miracles without difficulties that our workers cannot overcome." This is what master Lin Hai often says to young employees. At present, Lin Hai's core technical advantages have been formed in the fields of XCMG truck crane, fire truck electrical automatic control, equipment maintenance and so on. The "function detection device for the interface of automobile crane electromechanical slewing body" designed by him has won the national patent, and undertakes the assembly and commissioning task of the "world's highest" dg100m climbing platform fire truck, which makes up for the lack of climbing fire equipment, pan Gongsheng, deputy governor Bai of the people's Bank of China

Lin Hai, winner of the China skills award and senior technician of XCMG, keeps learning if the instrument CPU (generally 89C52) i/0 does not output and studies hard to improve skills

when he first started working in 1972, Lin Hai was only at the level of junior high school, but he was particularly interested in "electricity". He carried a maintenance bag and worked in the workshop with various tools every day. At that time, 20 foreign electric welding machines were introduced into the workshop. In order to repair these equipment, Lin Hai specially bought an English Chinese dictionary and translated the instructions word by word. Later, with the continuous development and expansion of the enterprise, more and more imported equipment was introduced into the workshop, and the early skills could not meet the existing needs. In order to learn more professional knowledge, in August 1995, the company sent him overseas to carry out equipment installation and maintenance and product technology exchange and study, bringing foreign advanced technology back to China, and quickly transforming and applying it in work

due to the large output of the crane, the edge planer has been in full load use, resulting in frequent machine tool failures, especially the frequent replacement of the travel switch that controls the reciprocating motion of the equipment. It needs to be stopped and replaced about 25 times a month, which seriously affects the production progress. Lin Hai boldly used the proximity switch that was not used by the equipment manufacturer at that time to replace the travel switch, and solved the problem of equipment shutdown caused by the collision damage of the travel switch due to mechanical movement at one stroke

In 1998, Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. was entrusted by the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security to develop cdz climbing platform fire engines from a high starting point to fill the gap in China's climbing platform fire engines. As an expert in product electrical skills, Lin Hai was assigned to the cdz series fire truck project team as the director of electrical installation and commissioning. From the development of cdz32b intelligent climbing platform fire truck in 2002 to the offline of dg100m climbing platform fire truck "the highest in Asia" in 2010, the project team led by Lin Hai has successively completed the technical improvement of EPEC series on-board PLC controller and amplitude limiter of climbing platform fire truck. What should we pay attention to when using cold and hot shock test box? The technical improvement, the treatment of the problem of hydraulic and electric control median leakage, and the technical breakthrough of leveling stability have made the performance and quality of the trial products reach the international advanced level at one fell swoop

in the crane electrical system assembly fault detection project, Lin Hai successfully developed the "qy25k-50k crane electrical system detection device", which is a domestic original and improves the early troubleshooting rate. Compared with foreign products of the same type, it has many advantages, such as comprehensively simulating the operation of the crane control room, logic circuit design, changing the above-mentioned old disadvantages of China on the platform of law, and building China's comprehensive modernization and meticulous rationality. After the application of the detection device, not only the reliability of the electrical system has been improved, but also the qualification rate of harness assembly has been increased from 73% to 100%, the average assembly time of each machine has been reduced by 30 minutes, the cost has been reduced by 1.1 million yuan per year, and the national utility model patent has been obtained

devoted to teaching, demonstration, leading, mentoring and mentoring

Lin Hai has been employed as the company's electrical control skills technologist for two consecutive years and as the company's full-time electrical technology teacher for four consecutive years. In the face of national and provincial honors, Lin Hai has never forgotten the cultivation of him by the enterprise. For more than a decade, he has consciously played a demonstration and leading role and done a good job of "mentoring". Under his guidance, a large number of young workers and technical backbones of the company grew rapidly. Among them, Liu Bin and Liu Hanwei won the first and second place in the first national engineering machinery repairman skill competition, and the title of national technical expert respectively. Wang Tianyu won the second prize in the automobile maintenance team of Jiangsu Province "Champion Cup" skill competition and the honor of Jiangsu Province May 1st Labor Medal

in order to make the young team grow rapidly, Lin Hai has compiled six courseware such as "crane product electrician training textbook", which has laid a solid theoretical foundation for enterprise talent training. Three of the textbooks have been translated into English and Portuguese for customer training and learning in Asia, Europe, Africa and other regions. Simple and understandable graphics and animation demonstrations have been widely praised by users all over the world

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