How to choose the most popular anti-theft lock

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Anti theft lock selection guide! How to choose anti-theft lock

I. lock body: the material involves a lot of professional knowledge and the technology of various manufacturers. The products produced in the mainland are generally iron, steel, stainless steel and zinc alloy. Due to the process and formation, taking two force pillars as the root, commercial aircraft use countless supports and system accessories. According to the limit measured by the dial indicator, the hardness of the lock rod is not enough, and it is often easy to be cut by the pliers and hydraulic pliers

II. Lock cylinder: most people only look at the shape when buying a lock. If they think it is large, it must be good. However, no matter what kind of domestic lock you buy, the lock cylinder is generally copper after 20 years of tempering. The characteristics of copper are soft. With electric drills and concentrated acid, you can easily destroy the copper lock cylinder. The maximum force, breaking force, peeling force, tensile strength, shear strength, tearing strength, maximum deformation, yield force, elongation, elastic modulus, ring stiffness, non proportional elongation, interval minimum force, interval average force, constant elongation force, constant air force elongation and other more than 400 calculation results of the lock cylinder are calculated automatically by the computer, and there are also differences in the types. The more commonly used lock cylinder is the European lock cylinder. In addition, There are also American screw lock cylinder and fireproof lock cylinder. The latter two have high safety. American lock cylinder is applied to high-grade door locks with good quality and high safety. Fireproof lock cylinder is applied to fireproof door locks, which can withstand the high temperature of 975 degrees for 90 minutes. It is a special door lock cylinder enforced by the state

III. keys: there are many keys for locks, including cross, round mouth and crescent. Many keys are made of copper or aluminum iron alloy, which can be easily copied. Better materials include steel and new electronic keys, which have high security

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