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How to choose electrohydraulic tongs? Guide for selection and maintenance of electric hydraulic pliers

electric hydraulic pliers is a kind of rechargeable hydraulic tool with the lightest design at present, which can be operated by one hand. It is used for crimping the terminals of power distribution operation. It is light and light, with high durability. The probability of maintenance is the lowest for all hydraulic tools. It can automatically relieve the pressure when reaching the set pressure, and the head can rotate. It is suitable for different workplaces. The mechanical hydraulic head ensures the quality of crimping. The rechargeable hydraulic clamp uses battery power to drive the motor. The motor works on the built-in hydraulic pump assembly, and then the hydraulic pump provides high-pressure oil to the hydraulic system to drive the execution module. The execution module can complete crimping, cutting and other functions, which is determined by the design

maintenance of Jinan assay oil source:

characteristics of electric hydraulic pliers

electric hydraulic pliers are suitable for copper aluminum terminal crimping operation. The lightest hydraulic tool of its kind. It can be operated with one hand and can be used flexibly. Ultra lightweight, high durability, and extremely low maintenance probability. Automatic pressure relief when the set pressure is reached. The head can be rotated, which is suitable for working in a narrow space. Mechanical pressure relief can ensure the quality of crimping. Note: find the working principle of the engine. The endurance of the rechargeable hydraulic tong is limited by the battery. If you don't have high mobility requirements or don't need to work at height, you can choose the electric hydraulic tong

electric hydraulic pliers

maintenance methods of electric hydraulic pliers

2. After each transfer, clean the main tong, backup tong and tong head with kerosene or diesel oil, and inject grease into each grease fitting of the machine body

3. After cleaning the tong head, grease the jaw plate, jaw plate frame and open gear teeth

4. If the jaw plate does not extend due to lack of braking force, it is necessary to tighten the braking pressure, slightly tighten the bolts with holes, and pay attention not to overtighten the friction plate

5. After each use, check the tong body. If there is water or oily dirt, it is necessary to remove it in time

6. Do not use steam to clean the pliers, so as to prevent the bearing from being damaged by oil loss and water inflow

7. The hydraulic oil temperature shall not exceed 65 ℃. Overheating will make the hydraulic system seal invalid

8. It is necessary to keep the hydraulic oil clean and keep the oil filter filtering normally. If the oil is dirty, it needs to be replaced in time

9. A.yc-n46 low pour point hydraulic oil is selected as the hydraulic oil, which is suitable for the ambient temperature of -20 ℃ --+40 ℃. B.yb-n many friends don't know what the 4-ball tester does. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil is suitable for the ambient temperature of -10 ℃ --+40 ℃ c.ya-n46 general hydraulic oil, which is suitable for the ambient temperature of 0 ℃ --+40 ℃

the charging hydraulic clamp is a very lightweight hydraulic clamp, and it is hand-held. It can be used as long as it is fully charged, which is suitable for mobile use. However, when using hydraulic tongs, we must use them according to its usage guidelines, because if they are not used properly, they are easy to get injured, and they should be cleaned and maintained in time after using them at ordinary times

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