ABB launches remote service for medium voltage dri

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ABB launches remote service for medium voltage drives

ABB recently announced the launch of a remote service system for medium voltage drives. This service system includes remote connection, 24/7 technical support and drivemonitor solution. Drivemonitor hardware is installed with internal driver software. This drivemonitor software layer automatically collects and analyzes drive signals and parameters, and triggers preset diagnostic services. Remote connection enables customers to get expert analysis of errors and detect drive or power problems, which can be effectively managed and error correction services

this remote service includes a three-level support system: (1) this remote service includes remote fault diagnosis, which requires 24/7 technical support. ABB expert system makes timely response according to customer needs; (2) Remote periodic maintenance: it is planned to regularly analyze archived data. The electronic tensile testing machine is a precision testing instrument to identify potential performance improvements. (3) Remote connection monitoring function: before the equipment affects the whole process, the valuable 24/7 monitoring system detection makes the equipment function normally

the remote service system launched with medium voltage drives is mainly used for the following ABB drive types, namely LCI, ACS1000, acs5000, ACS6000 and ac50kn to complete s6000c. AB (constant temperature medium water tank has two specifications: single heating type and refrigeration heating type. As a leading supplier in power generation and automation technology, company B will make it impossible for utility companies and workers to go up and down mobile customers to improve their product performance and reduce the impact on the environment

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