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How to choose concrete vibrating machinery reasonably

the general principle of selecting concrete vibrating machinery is determined according to the concrete construction technology. In other words, 3. In terms of mechanical and electrical engineering, it should be based on the composition characteristics of concrete (such as aggregate particle size, particle shape, gradation, water cement ratio, consistency, etc.) and construction conditions (such as the type and scale of buildings, the shape of structures, the size and width of cross-section, reinforcement and sparse density, operation methods, power sources, etc.), Choose a vibrator with appropriate structural type and reasonable working parameters (such as vibration frequency, amplitude and vibration acceleration); At the same time, reasonable selection should be made according to the structural characteristics, manufacturing and supply conditions, service life, maintenance supporting facilities, power consumption and other technical and economic indicators of the vibrator

I. selection of power form

electric vibrators are widely used in construction. When there is only single-phase power supply on the construction site, vibrators of series excited Motors should be selected; For some large projects with three-phase power supply, various electric vibrators can be selected. In the working environment with gas, pneumatic vibrators must be selected to ensure safety. If you are working in a temporary project far away from towns and without power supply, you can choose internal combustion vibrators

II. Reasonable selection of structural form

plug in vibrators can be used for the tamping of columns, beams, walls, slabs with large thickness and prefabricated components of large-area concrete foundation; For structures with dense reinforcement or thin concrete, as well as places where plug-in vibrators are not suitable, attached vibrators can be used for more than 90million vehicles worldwide; Flat plate vibrators are usually used for structures with large and flat surface area, such as ground, roof, road pavement, etc. However, for hollow slabs, flat slabs and beam column components with small thickness produced by reinforced concrete precast component factory, the selection of vibrating table can achieve rapid and effective compaction effect

III. selection of immersion vibrator

the vibration frequency of the vibrator is an important factor affecting the compaction effect. The best compaction effect can be achieved only when the vibration frequency of the vibrator is the same or similar to the natural vibration frequency of concrete particles. Since the resonance frequency of particles depends on the size of particles, the natural vibration frequency of large size is low, and the natural vibration frequency of small size is high, so for concrete with large and smooth aggregate particles, the plug-in vibrator with low frequency and large amplitude should be selected

high frequency vibrators should be used for dry and hard concrete, which can improve the compaction effect, increase the liquefaction effect, expand the compaction range and reduce the compaction time, but it is not suitable for concrete with large fluidity, otherwise the concrete will produce segregation. According to the concrete composition of building construction, it is more appropriate to choose high-frequency vibrators. The plug-in composite material industry has also won good performance. The structure of the vibrator is mostly soft shaft type, which is light and flexible, and can be carried by one person. It can be adapted to the upper and lower floors or through narrow places. The transfer is very convenient, and it is very suitable for grass-roots construction units

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