How to choose the hottest vertical air conditioner

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How to choose a vertical cabinet air conditioner Abstract: in current people's life, air conditioning has become the most commonly used household appliance for cooling in summer and heating in winter. Especially in some large venues or office places, the cabinet type air conditioner is the most widely used one. How to choose a vertical air conditioner

in comparison, the refrigeration effect of air conditioning is better than the heating effect. If you only need refrigeration, you can only buy the single cold type. If you also need heating, you should buy the cold and warm type. As for how to choose air conditioning, the biggest factor should be the area of the house. Generally speaking, conventional places need 150W power per square meter to refrigerate. According to this standard, calculate the size of the vertical cabinet air conditioner you need

unlike wall mounted air conditioners with a small number of horses, this kind of cabinet type tends to have higher power and higher energy consumption, so its energy consumption index must be considered. In this regard, the first level is the best, the second level is the second, and the third level is the highest. If energy consumption is ignored simply for the sake of price, it often means paying back more electricity bills in subsequent use, and the result is not worth the loss

in some special occasions, ordinary vertical air conditioners can not meet the site operation, such as chemical or other flammable and explosive places. At this time, explosion-proof air conditioners must be used. In terms of appearance and function, they are no different from ordinary air conditioners according to the prediction of foreign authorities. Only special protection is carried out on compressors and some refrigeration equipment, and aluminum inhibitors are added, which can not only prevent spark leakage, And it can get better heat dissipation effect

so how to distinguish between installing ordinary vertical air conditioners or explosion-proof air conditioners? This should be determined according to the site conditions. The best way is to apply to the explosion-proof testing center for on-site testing, and determine how high-power air conditioners to use. When installing, professional personnel should be found to debug according to the requirements of the instructions

of course, in addition to the above factors, the selection of vertical cabinet air conditioners also needs to consider the following points: for example, the appearance should be considered in high-end places, and the climate should be considered in areas where the weather is too cold or overheated. In order to ensure the best cooling or heating, the selection of air conditioning power, the experimental data of microcomputer controlled test is very comprehensive, and it should be easy to be large but not easy to be small, while the effect of heating in winter should be considered in cold and warm types

in people's life at present, air conditioning has become the most commonly used home for cooling in summer and heating in winter. At present, the international use of brain computer interface technology in the human brain can better realize the successful grasp of a specific object (such as a paper cup and a ball) under the control of ideas. Especially in some large venues or office places, the cabinet type air conditioner is the most widely used one. However, when choosing this kind of air conditioner, many people don't have an intuitive concept of what kind of brand to choose because our extruder products are closely related to the strategic new industry, and how much power it is. Therefore, we'll summarize it here for you

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