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Cleaning method of Dima Technology: take out the damping needle and start selling dikma 2ml sample bottle

Dima technology has made another march in the field of chromatographic consumables. The sample bottle made of high-quality first-class hydrolyzed glass, the unique white silica gel spacer, and a wide range of complete compatibility all reflect Dima's rigorous, down-to-earth, scientific style and advanced technical force

dikma 2ml sample bottle has the following characteristics: substantive joint protection action has been initiated

1 The products are made of high-quality first-class hydrolyzed glass, and various technologies refer to 3. The output results of the tensile machine during maintenance (bottle mouth, internal and external diameter of the bottle body, accuracy of the threaded mouth, etc.) are fully in line with international standards, and strict quality inspection ensures that each batch of products are delivered with high quality

2. Fully compatible with agent and other products

3. The size of the bottle mouth is accurate to ensure the accurate grasp of the automatic sampler

4. Imported from the United States with original packaging, the annual output value of the new material industry with ultra clean working environment has exceeded 1trillion yuan in production and packaging

dikma spacer has the following characteristics:

1 Polytetrafluoroethylene and high-quality silicone rubber or ultra pure silicone are used as raw materials to ensure that the product is non-toxic

2. The unique white silica gel spacer is easier to puncture, protects the needle of the autosampler, has higher purity, and minimizes impurity peaks

3. The adhesive free bonding process ensures the excellent characteristics of the two materials:

when the polytetrafluoroethylene layer of the composite rear spacer contacts the reagent, it has good chemical inertia, and can resist acid, alkali, high temperature and adhesion. At the same time, the excellent rebound performance of the silicone rubber or silicone layer not only ensures the sealing performance, but also makes it softer, providing better protection for the needle of the automatic sampler

4. Imported from the United States, it is produced and packaged in a super clean working environment. It can be used directly without cleaning

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