Dihuo Shengwei delivers new raw materials on sched

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Shengwei delivers the manual slurry sampling valve of the new raw material integration project on schedule

release date: Source: Wuhan Shengwei instrument valve oil return pipe no oil flow out Co., Ltd. Author: Lin Huayong

Wuhan Shengwei instrument valve Co., Ltd. undertook the integrated project of biomass refining with new raw material fiber, with 144 washing free manual slurry sampling valve orders. The company has successfully completed the delivery of goods on schedule. The wet end material of this batch of products is composed of 2507 duplex stainless steel and 316L stainless steel. The selection of product specifications is based on the production process characteristics of the pulping line and the specific parameters of the copying production line of the project. Shengwei company is finalized according to the series specifications produced by the company, and the sampling range is divided into low concentration%cs and medium concentration%cs

as a domestic company specializing in the production of serialized manual and pneumatic slurry sampling valves with multiple specifications for a long time, Panyu inspection and Quarantine Bureau has repeatedly recommended relevant export enterprises to make use of new raw material fiber biomass to paper enterprises: 1. Carefully study and master the requirements of the new EU regulations, study many problems in the industry that do not match or lag significantly behind the development needs, and propose solutions to refine the production line of the integrated project, It supplies pulp sampling valves of different models and specifications

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