Dimension difference of the hottest injection mold

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Size difference of injection molded parts

the change of weight and size in the injection molding process exceeds the production capacity of the mold, injection molding machine and plastic combination

possible causes of problems

(1) uneven plastic input into the injection cylinder

(2) the temperature or fluctuation range of the injection cylinder is too large

(3) the capacity of the injection molding machine is too small

(4) injection pressure is unstable

(5) unstable screw reset

(6) the change of operation time and solution viscosity are inconsistent

(7) the injection speed (flow control) is unstable

(8) plastic varieties that are not suitable for molds are used

(9) consider the influence of mold temperature, injection pressure, speed, time and pressure holding on the product


(1) check whether there is sufficient cooling water flowing through the hopper throat to maintain the correct temperature

(2) check whether the thermocouple is inferior or loose

(3) check whether the thermocouple used with the temperature controller is of the correct type

(4) check the injection volume and plasticizing capacity of the injection molding machine, and then compare it with the actual injection volume and the injection volume per hour

(5) check whether there is stable molten hot material in each operation or that kind of fault operation

(6) check whether the backflow prevention valve leaks. If necessary, on the other hand, replace it in order to save energy

(7) check whether the feeding setting is wrong

(8) ensure that the screw is stable at each operation return position, that is, no more than 0.4mm change

(9) check the inconsistency of operation time

(10) use back pressure

3. Skill parameters of Rotorless vulcanizer

(11) check whether the hydraulic system operates normally and whether the oil temperature is too high or too low (25 60oC)

(12) select the plastic variety suitable for the mold (mainly considering the shrinkage and mechanical strength)

(13) readjust the whole production process

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