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Digital technology at the international label printing exhibition

the 2005 international label printing exhibition will be held at the Shanghai international new exhibition center from December 7 to 9, 2005. This label exhibition is part of the global label printing exhibition series. The global label exhibition includes the machinery exhibition held in Europe and North America and the summit forum based exhibition held in India, Thailand, Japan, Mexico and Brazil. At the 2005 European label exhibition held in September this year, a number of developments in the digital field were launched and displayed. At the international label printing exhibition held in December, many of these companies will also display the main new functions of digital label printing and its solutions in Asia for the first time

digital development at the 2005 European label exhibition

HP indigo launched the first fully digital label printing and paper processing system at a printing exhibition, called digital laser workflow. This system uses modules made by many suppliers to form a system from prepress to variable data imaging, die cutting and cutting with motorized tools. The prepress end is based on the workflow of ESCO, which manages all workflow until the printing machine, including continuous drying and color management of seven color printing engine. After printing on the ws4050 printer, the substrate materials enter the ABG Omega digicon paper processing line, Sabre super laser label cutting system and motorized cutting tools for processing

after Ascot system generates continuous drying documents from label design documents, the die-cutting production line stores them on the server on digicon, and HP ws4050 printer prints bar code on the label as a reference for the operation of the die-cutting production line. Read in through the code reader on digicon, download the corresponding information to the laser, and the cutting file can be changed immediately. The slitting part has two rows of up to 12 servo controlled knife pressing rows. When the cutting tool of one life imitation test set is mainly exported to the middle and low end of developed countries, the second row of tools fall on the next live part. At the end of the production line is the tower rewinding device

HP indigo showed three consecutive tool changes and five text changes. The sales price of this modified Omega digicon production line is about 350000 US dollars

there are some different opinions about the last step of the digital workflow is the digital foil cold pressing device. This can be done by digitally printing the image (possibly by inkjet), then cold pressing the foil and curing

Xeikon, born with the strong support of its parent company punch graphics, showed the labelsprint digital printing machine system, which is connected with the d-coat glazing production line. It is said that four machines have been sold to printing plants in Poland, Italy and Japan. The most complex piece of equipment was sold to indet label printers in Italy. This solution includes the Xeikon 330 printing machine, plus hot stamping, pan coating and local glazing, cold hot stamping, two semi rotating die cutting workstations (in the printing process, they are: resin can change the die cutting mold), slitting and double rewinding devices

although the configuration of labelsprint printer was exhibited at the North American label printing exhibition last year, the x-800 front end is very different. It has the ability of completely variable data printing and can control printing parameters, such as density and registration accuracy. The x-800 can now instantly generate bar codes in various formats during the printing process. At that exhibition, Xeikon printed 16000 meters (330mm wide) and generated more than 1 million one-dimensional, two-dimensional and combined bar codes

xeikon also exhibited the example of printing UV curing toner on self-adhesive labels for the first time. This technology was first introduced in drupa. It uses digital printing to print labels that are resistant to chemicals such as solvents and heat resistance. The company also showed the way of using the fifth workstation to print anti-counterfeiting colors and spot colors on the 300 printing machine, which can also be used to print white

matan showed springpro label digital printer and two digital finishing schemes for label production: Allan datagraph DFS digital finishing system and compack digibeam laser die cutting system. Springpro has a resolution of 400 × 1600dpi, which can process variable data including bar codes, can choose four-color, five color or six color printing schemes, including printing various popular spot colors, opaque and metal inks. The system is also the main exhibit of grafische systems' booth

domino transitioned from a high-speed inkjet coding and printing glazing system to the label market, using the label exhibition to launch its K-series inkjet VP print heads on demand. This print head is installed on the ABG Omega sr330 rewinding device, and the width of each print head is 61mm, which can be combined to adapt to web paper of any width. The print head can be used online with a flexographic press or as a stand-alone device, such as printing variable data from bar codes in pharmaceutical applications

the design of K series print head can go beyond the application mode of "partial personalization" and print complete documents. The K-200 can print at a speed of 90m/min and a resolution of 300dpi. In addition to Domino's CMYK UV ink, there is spot color printing

gre's digital equipment department announced that it had recorded the maximum tensile force applied and signed an agreement with impika, a French company that manufactures high-resolution on-demand inkjet UV inkjet modules for label printing, mailing distribution and document processing. For example, its ipsc-9000 can print at a speed of 24m/min and a resolution of 900dpi. GRE plans to use VIPColor and impika modules to develop a new high-end digital color printing production line, which is connected in parallel with Longford's RF tag insertion device and cartes' laser cutting device

primera technology introduced lx800 digital printer to Europe, which can print full-color labels on labels as small as 1.5 "(38mm) wide, 0.75" (19mm) long and as large as 8.25 "(210mm) wide and 24" (610mm). The printing resolution is 4800 × 1200dpi。

it can be used to produce basic product labels, box end labels with photos or graphics, and various retail, office or industrial labels that can print high-quality color graphics and texts by inkjet on demand. Printing materials can include matte labels, semi gloss and high gloss materials

nipson showed its 1865 compact at this exhibition

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