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Accelerating the digital transformation of operators, Huawei adds new plans

Mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, industry 4.0? Internet of all things is the best era for telecom operators, but it is also the worst era. All this depends on whether operators can keep up with the pace of the digital age. At present, digital business transformation is developing in depth. Digital ecosystem, industry 4.0, e-government and smart city, and industrial interconnection have been widely responded to and explored in the ICT industry. Turning to digital operators to provide digital services for growth has become the main theme of the reform of more and more operators

the transformation of digital services is accelerating

in the era of digital economy, the traditional business and business model of operators are constantly eroded by the Internet Ott business, the income of main businesses such as voice and messaging is declining, and the increment of data business does not increase, becoming the dumb channel of Ott business. Moreover, with the development of Ott business, for operators, the value of traditional CP and SP partners is declining, the industrial chain with operators as the core is disintegrating, operators' control over the industrial chain is weakening, and operators' voices are drowned in the booming tide of Ott business

at the 2015 Huawei innovation and transformation summit held on October 22, Che Haiping, vice president of Huawei's telecommunications software department, pointed out that the integration of the physical and digital world has pushed all walks of life in the world to face the challenge pressure and development momentum of digital transformation. Now not only operators, but also other industries hope to use and use digital technology to improve operational efficiency and connect their assets and capabilities with the digital society, Provide rich and convenient digital businesses and services for end customers. As a part of full connection, as a part of information creation and transmission, a single enterprise has become increasingly difficult to complete business activities independently. From the perspective of market demand, the rapid provision of cross-border solutions has formed the core competitiveness, and the business value has shifted to the application and rapid adaptation of users. From the perspective of industrial opportunities, the industry is in the opening period of digitalization of services and the real economy, and needs more unique connection needs and ICT open development ecology to jointly grasp the new opportunity window of digital transformation

in the eyes of Futurist Robert tercek, the interconnection of all things has become a reality. 10billion connections have arrived, and 100billion connections are close at hand. Data has penetrated into all aspects of society like oil, and the cloud application from infrastructure to upper tier applications has brought many opportunities for industrial change. The hardware business in the traditional concept is evaporating, the information industry is reshaping the whole real society, software is defining the world, and many hardware or equipment providers and operators are transforming to digital business and service providers

therefore, the transformation of operators is imminent. Digital operators not only provide digital communication services, but more importantly, how to build and integrate into a new digital ecosystem and become digital economy enabler for the future digital economy (digital economy, whose core elements include mobile, cloud, big data, IOT and social networking)

operators are on the move

facing the surging tide of digitalization, global operators are actively exploring and practicing: America Movil has concentrated the capabilities of its 17 countries - Wang Shugu (Technical Consultant) to the hub point through the construction of AM hub, which is unified and open to global partners; Orange, at t and other multinational groups have also launched capability open platforms (orange partner and at t developer) to achieve the extension from business sales to capability sales; MTN group, through the evolution of the old business and the innovation of the open platform, launched 3000+ digital services, which greatly enriched the business content of MTN; China Unicom's wo+ capability sharing platform is for individual developers, institutional developers, and third-party experimental machines who want to buy. The ability providers of visitors who come to Jinan to indulge can launch capability opening and resource sharing. By the middle of 2014, about 15 types of open APIs have been launched, bringing new business revenue to Unicom

take at t as an example. At present, through the integration of its own capabilities and the introduction of external resources, at t has built an ecosystem and value chain with API openness as the core. Through the opening of billing, voice, messaging, terminals, IOT and other capabilities, at t provides developers with rich network communication and industry application capabilities, and provides users with rich business applications. The number of monthly API calls has increased from millions in 2008 to billions today

(Telecom Management Forum) Nik Willetts, CEO of digital, believes that at present, telecom operators are transforming to the role of digital business enabler, but in the process of transformation, operators should pay attention to three elements: open (jointly discover and create new value in open cooperation), dynamic (insight into the market, ability development should move as needed), agile (operation should be agile)

the digital end-to-end ecosystem has brought many opportunities to operators. For example, operators have advantages in network and information security and user information, which can be transformed into new opportunities in the ecosystem

Cao Yiming, vice president of Huawei's digital business product line, believes that operators need to aggregate innovative resources globally and connect to operators' network users to turn into digital business providers. In this process, four key points should be handled well

first, digital production: this process is mainly realized by the innovation of various industry partners, and operators need to participate in and aggregate digital innovative products

second, the ability of operators is open: operators' users, support systems, operation systems, and data are open to partners to enable innovation

third, digital products are launched: digital products can reach users quickly and efficiently, and the realization of life cycle management requires the integration of channels to improve the online efficiency

fourth, product realization: the use of end users and the distribution of value among different players also need a fast and efficient model

released the digital incloud plan, and Huawei helped operators

Huawei launched the strategy and solutions of digital incloud in March this year. Digital incloud is a business open platform and operation support service that helps operators build in the process of digital transformation, including open platform, global alliance of partners and related operation support services

Che Haiping said that Huawei is committed to helping operators build digital operation enabling platforms and open digital business platforms; On the one hand, gather the high-quality businesses and capabilities of global partners, and assist telecom operators to build business processes that meet the rapid development of digital business; On the other hand, based on its understanding of telecom network assets and customer information assets, Huawei helps telecom operators integrate capabilities and provide them to partners to realize the innovation and development of new value businesses

based on this industrial development background, Huawei released digital incloud at the 2015 Huawei innovation and transformation summit, which mainly includes digital incloud Telecom capability cloud service, global service innovation cloud (gsic), InTouch partner service system 2.0

as a bridge between telecom operators and partners, digital incloud aggregates the telecom capabilities of global operators, such as operator payment, message notification, voice and cloud call center, business operation analysis, etc., and provides one-stop services for partners to achieve one-point access and global reach. At the same time, it also provides operators with a new channel for rapid realization of telecommunications capabilities. In 2016, the telecom capability cloud service will complete the capability aggregation of 300 + operators around the world

for global partners, provide an enterprise business innovation and incubation environment based on telecommunications capabilities. The services provided by business innovation cloud for partners include: business opportunity information of global operators, free access to telecom capability cloud service resources, innovation support fund, operator friendly user testing, etc. Through gsic global business innovation cloud, partners will more easily realize the innovation, commercialization and liquidation of telecom enterprise business

by the end of 20 years, the InTouch partner program has aggregated 2000+ partners, providing 200k+ digital services to nearly 60 operators; In 2016, it plans to aggregate 4000 + partners to provide 350k+ digital services for 80 + operators. In order to better serve partners, the new InTouch partner service system 2.0 was released at the summit, including the upgrading of core service capabilities such as signing, business launch, distribution, settlement, and service quality management

Cao Yiming told "communication can also print A4 format experimental report; the world" that the digital incloud plan aims to establish a global digital ecosystem by connecting global operators and partners, help operators aggregate high-quality digital services and services of global partners, integrate and open telecommunications capabilities, and work with partners to achieve innovation and development of new value businesses, so as to achieve win-win business

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