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Happy candy packaging: the market highlights

mentioned happy candy. People in the 1960s thought of rare fruit candy. A little sweetness can help adjust the dull life; In the 1970s, people thought of big packages of candies of various colors, which were bright red; People in the 1980s thought of mellow chocolate and exquisite packaging...

now people's material and cultural life has been significantly improved. The status of the rare "candy" in people's minds is declining. Few people will cherish it because they can eat candy, but the happy candy as the colorful head of the happy event is still indispensable. A small happy candy contains the happiness that the new couple shares with their relatives and friends

the latest statistics show that at present, the annual per capita consumption of candy in China is 0.7kg, about 1/10 of the per capita level in developed countries and 1/3 of the international per capita level. There is a lot of room for the expansion of the candy market. It is expected that the growth rate will be maintained at about 8% in the next few years, which is 6% higher than the average annual growth rate of global candy in recent years, especially for schools, hospitals and other projects in earthquake prone areas

there are many kinds to choose from

although it is said that the candy of happy candy itself is not so important, choosing the candy of nameless small factory will not be generous enough, and it is more likely that the health will be affected due to the quality of candy. At present, chocolate is the most popular happy candy in the Beijing market, and the traditional crisp candy, milk candy and fruit candy are also loved by some newcomers. In addition, the "Crystal Love" jelly of "Xizhilang" is also deeply loved by newcomers

the staff of Wumart supermarket made statistics. The brand sugar fruits of Henan golden monkey, Fujian Yake, Meilin, Shanghai Guanshengyuan, Jinjiang Jingguan, Wowo, Shandong Luzhou, Yuejia, Beijing Yili, Lude, Jingyuan Ma sister, Tianjin Aoqi, Guangdong xufuji and other manufacturers are the main force of mid-range happy candy. The general price of supermarkets is between 10 yuan and 30 yuan/500g. If you buy in large quantities, you can discount again

the medium and high-end brands of wedding candy are mainly imported chocolates. Dove, Figaro, Cadbury, Hershey, golden emperor and other chocolates are the first choice for newcomers. The bulk price is about RMB/500g. Some top-level wedding candy is personally made by the dessert chefs of famous hotels. Some are from famous European countries, such as the confetti series, the top wedding candy from Italy, All adopt the best almonds produced in Sicily. The production process is also very delicate - first, put the almonds into the big copper pot, and then let the copper pot rotate slowly. At the same time, the syrup slowly flows down from the pipe on the upper part of the copper pot, and slowly wraps it on the shell of the almonds. After 4 working days, we can get white happy candies. Each happy candy contains countless sincere blessings. Of course, the price of such fine wedding candy also shows its noble characteristics

other new people with fashionable personalities also like to make happy candies by themselves. The price of teosha handmade chocolate shop is generally 25-35 yuan per 50g according to different grades of materials. There is no additional service charge, but there is a threshold of 100 grams of finished products with effective cost reduction. In addition, the left manager of the happy candy shop also introduced a chocolate produced by the happy candy shop, which was printed with the pattern of dragon and Phoenix in the style of Han and Tang Dynasties, which looked quite like the mirror button of ancient bronze mirrors, with a "Han" flavor

there are different demands for self purchase and purchasing on behalf of others

now, most of the newlyweds will choose a wedding company with good reputation to purchase wedding candy on behalf of others, because the wedding company's wedding candy has many varieties of ex factory prices and low prices, and is also responsible for door-to-door delivery. The packaging of wedding candy is also more innovative, and the fashion of the wedding has also been greatly improved, which meets the aesthetic needs of young people. This comprehensive calculation is more cost-effective, saving manpower and material resources. Newlyweds can also buy the same brand of bulk chocolate first, and then entrust the wedding company to pack it according to their favorite packaging box, so that each wedding candy can save 0 5 yuan, the greater the total amount, the more savings

the name of the package of happy candy also reveals a happy feeling. After visiting a "happy candy shop" which specializes in happy candy packaging opened on the theme square of the wedding equipment of the West 4th movement, manager zuozhaohua introduced that there are nearly 30 kinds of happy candy packaging in the happy candy shop. The traditional ones are "dragon and Phoenix bring auspiciousness", the romantic ones are "flower talk to the city", "Spring Story", "autumn flowers show their beauty", and the fashionable ones are "exquisite heart". The most popular one is a kind of package called "golden kiss". The red and gold pyramid shaped small boxes are printed with auspicious patterns, which can be folded into a large pyramid, showing a magnificent and elegant style. The gorgeous and elegant packaging of Siti wedding chocolate is also loved by many fashion couples

happy candy packaging: market highlights

put on gorgeous "clothes", and the humble happy candy at the wedding became the highlight of attention, showing happiness and nobility. Such a wedding may be remembered by many people for a lifetime, but now the happy candy packaging market is almost blank

investment estimation: if each new couple spends 200-300 yuan on happy candy, if 40000 or 50000 people get married each year in a city, the annual sales of happy candy will be 20million to 30million boxes, which is a large market. To open such a shop, we should first buy the packaging model of the happy candy box and develop new models through design to ensure that new models will be launched every quarter

source: Business Consumption weekly

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