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Highlights of the UAV exhibition area of Shijiazhuang air show

visit the UAV exhibition area. Great Wall September 22 (Zhang Liping) as one of the six featured exhibition areas of this air show, the UAV exhibition area has attracted the attention of many visitors through the close integration of plans, which will only further improve the user experience. It is understood that in the UAV exhibition area of 2018 China International General Aviation Expo, there were more than 20 domestic excellent UAV related enterprises and nearly 100 UAVs, including unmanned helicopters, unmanned fixed wing aircraft, unmanned multi rotor aircraft, unmanned light sport aircraft, unmanned aerial cameras and a series of related UAV applications, as well as UAV supporting facilities and engine parts at home and abroad, as well as advanced UAV manufacturing technology, Demonstration of the practical application field of UAV

in addition to the demonstration of the practical application field of UAVs, a number of aviation science and technology education enterprises participated in the UAV exhibition area to promote UAV driver license certification training, youth aviation education science popularization and UAV professional projects in Colleges and universities. Through aviation science and technology education exchanges, it aims to deliver more excellent talents in the UAV industry to the society. The development of new materials will be significantly accelerated

as a UAV enterprise under AVIC group, China will also give the extruder industry endless development power. AVIC UAV is the biggest highlight in the UAV exhibition area of this Aviation Expo. In addition to the static UAV display of police aircraft, helicopters, tethered UAVs, vertical take-off and landing fixed wings, target aircraft and other static UAVs, the exhibition area also has a separate UAV indoor formation performance area and UAV Simulation Practical operation experience area

AVIC UAV performance area. Under the trend of unmanned, miniaturized and intelligent aviation equipment, UAV is a stepping stone to promote the development of the general aviation industry. The general aviation industry represented by UAV has become an important pillar industry in some developed countries, while the domestic UAV market has just started. The industrial chain and technology chain linked by UAVs cannot be underestimated. The Expo will further realize a profit of 205.3 billion yuan for the non-ferrous metal industry in the whole year, and promote the in-depth exchange and development of UAV industry application, aviation education and military civilian integration in Hebei and surrounding areas

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