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Highlights of 2018 Yuhuan machine tool exhibition review the four-day exhibition site was wonderful

] from October 26 to 29, 2018 the 15th Yuhuan International Machine Tool Exhibition was held in Yuhuan Convention and Exhibition Center. Wucaiping, linchenghui, Zhang Yong, lidanjia and other leaders of Yuhuan city attended the opening ceremony. As the effective publicity media in the industry, China machine tool business rushed to the scene at the first time and made a comprehensive follow-up report on the exhibition

before the exhibition, I heard that this Yuhuan machine tool exhibition will be upgraded in many aspects. After arriving at the scene, the exhibition was really eye-catching, but even in Europe. In terms of the scale of this exhibition, the number of booths increased from 1200 in 2017 to more than 1500 this year, with an exhibition area of more than 30000 square meters and a number of exhibitors exceeding 500. It is noted that in addition to achieving breakthroughs in the scale, number of exhibitors and mode of view, there are many highlights on the site of this Yuhuan machine tool exhibition. Now let's review the 2018 Yuhuan machine tool exhibition

highlight 1: the exhibits are of good quality, with many discounts, and the enthusiasm for on-site machine purchasing is unprecedented.

Yuhuan, as the production base of China's small special and precision machine tools, has a large number of local machine tool enterprises, especially the most famous small economic machine tools for realizing the ductile processing of brittle materials. At this Yuhuan machine tool exhibition, in addition to the appearance of many cost-effective machine tool products, many enterprises also launched rich preferential activities such as discounts and fuel delivery cards, which pushed the enthusiasm of on-site machine purchasing to a climax. According to the organizer's statistics, during the four-day exhibition, more than 40000 professional visitors visited, the on-site turnover was 220million yuan, and the intended orders reached 385million yuan

the on-site trading volume was large, and the exhibitors were happy. On the one hand, the enterprise showed a good appearance through the exhibition, and the advantageous products were fully publicized; On the other hand, the sales orders obtained have also brought tangible benefits to the enterprise. For purchasers, the Yuhuan machine tool exhibition is also full of harvest. The purchasers not only saw many excellent exhibits and got the opportunity to choose and compare, but also brought substantial benefits to them through a variety of purchasing activities

highlight 2: more intelligent elements in exhibits

compared with previous exhibitions, the specifications of exhibits in 2018 Yuhuan machine tool exhibition have been upgraded a lot. It is noted that many machine tool enterprises have launched machine tools that can cooperate with robots, among which truss robots and multi joint machine tool combinations are the most common. In addition, the number of multi axis machine tools on display has also increased a lot compared with previous years. We learned from the communication with the on-site exhibitors that with the development of the manufacturing industry, the market demand for high-end machine tools is rising. The turning milling compound machine tool is welcomed by many manufacturers because it can complete multiple tasks at one time, and has good machining precision, high efficiency and wide range of use. Therefore, there are many related products on display in this exhibition

highlight 3: exhibitors increase

2018 Yuhuan machine tool exhibition another highlight is the increase of CNC machine tool exhibitors. At this exhibition, in addition to Yuhuan local CNC system brands, we also saw the presence of well-known CNC system manufacturers in the industry, such as Guangzhou CNC, Taiwan Xindai, kainti, Huaxing CNC, topcom, Shanghai Kaifeng CNC, and Hangzhou Zhengjia CNC. Yuhuan, as the production base of small special and precision machine tools in China, with the development of local machine manufacturers, the demand for CNC systems is also rising. At this exhibition, many CNC system exhibitors appeared together, which seems to be aimed at the market of Yuhuan

highlight 4: the exhibition service is intimate

the intimate service details at this Yuhuan machine tool exhibition are the most favorite places. In terms of venue layout, carpets printed with the logo of the yme exhibition are spread all over the ground of the venue. All standard booths adopt an atmospheric and unified head up design, which is refreshing. It is noted that for machine tools running in the field, the exhibitors will provide safety signs to remind visitors to pay attention to safety. In addition, the exhibition also set up a rest area, where visitors who are tired of visiting can enjoy free coffee and tea services

machine tools with safety tips

the rest area of the exhibition

in the interview, many exhibitors and visitors expressed their satisfaction and surprise at this Yuhuan machine tool exhibition. However, some visitors put forward some small suggestions. For example, we hope to introduce the components of the pressure testing machine and how to reduce the error of the pressure testing machine. Only in this way can the exhibition improve the parking lot setting and vehicle guidance, Avoid a large number of vehicles parked on the roadside, blocking traffic. Hope that the exhibition party can improve the communication quality. Because on the first day of the exhibition, the network was basically paralyzed. Fortunately, after the arrival of the mobile base station vehicle, the signal condition was improved

on the whole, this Yuhuan machine tool exhibition is full of sincerity and highlights, which surprises many people, including me, and also looks forward to the next Yuhuan machine tool exhibition. As an old partner of Yuhuan machine tool exhibition, China machine tool business wishes Yuhuan machine tool exhibition better and better

] detonate the peninsula manufacturing industry! The first industrial exhibition on the west coast of Qingdao Qingdao Qingdao International Industrial Expo landed on the west coast of Qingdao! It is scheduled to open grandly at the Qingdao WorldExpo City International Exhibition Center on May, 2019

with the theme of green industry and intelligent future, this Expo will focus on the display of high-end technical equipment such as CNC machine tools, welding and cutting equipment, industrial automation, power transmission and control technology. The first Expo is expected to have an exhibition area of 40000 square meters. At the same time, more than 10 supporting forum meetings will be held at the same time. At that time, more than 35000 professional visitors will come to visit and purchase

The Ninth National Development Zone approved by the State Council: Qingdao West Coast new area is the Ninth National Development Zone approved by the State Council. It is located in the blue economic zone of Shandong Peninsula and the Bohai rim economic circle. It is the core area between Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the Yangtze River Delta. It is the main channel to the sea along the Yellow River Basin and an important endpoint in the east of the Eurasian Continental Bridge

Qingdao has strong industrial foundation advantages: Qingdao's west coast has a strong industrial foundation. After years of cultivation and development, it has formed six hundred billion level industrial clusters, including port shipping, petrochemical industry, home appliance electronics, marine engineering, automobile and parts, machinery, and is an important advanced manufacturing base and marine emerging industry cluster in China

Qingdao's top ten industrial functional zones are clustered

the overall planning area of Qingdao's top ten industrial functional zones is 729 square kilometers, of which 536 square kilometers can be developed. By 2020, the total development area will be 317 square kilometers, the permanent population will reach 1.17 million, and the total industrial output value will reach 530billion yuan, accounting for about 21% of Qingdao's total industrial output value. By 2025, the total development area will be 423 square kilometers, the permanent population will reach 1.8 million, and the total industrial output value will be 1070billion yuan, accounting for about 31% of Qingdao's total industrial output value

Qingdao's top ten industrial functional zones:

Chengyang Jihongtan rail transit industrial functional zone

Jimo Longquan automobile industrial functional zone

Huangdao Dongjiakou high end equipment industrial functional zone

Pingdu Xinhe ecological chemical industrial functional zone

Pingdu Nancun electronic home appliance industrial functional zone

Laixi Jiangshan new energy automobile industrial functional zone

Huangdao gugugukou military industrial functional zone

xiangmaohe intelligent manufacturing industrial zone of high tech Zone Industrial functional zone

Jiaozhou Jiulong aviation industrial functional zone

Jimo Jinkou pharmaceutical and biological industrial functional zone

the top ten industrial functional zones not only cover the three major industries such as home appliances and electronics, automobiles and petrochemicals, which have traditional advantages in Qingdao, but also identify seven major industries with core competitiveness to lead Qingdao's industrial development at present and in the future, such as rail transit, high-end equipment, intelligent manufacturing, new energy vehicles, aviation, biomedicine and military industry

the largest and world-class comprehensive exhibition project in Shandong: Qingdao World Expo City the total investment of China Railway Qingdao World Expo City project is 50billion yuan. The installation and disassembly of servo valves in Shandong for Qingdao International Industrial Expo should be carried out in a clean environment as far as possible. Qingdao World Expo City is a world-class comprehensive exhibition project

convenient transportation

the new area faces the Korean Peninsula and the Japanese archipelago across the sea. It has the strategic location advantage of radiating inland, connecting north and south, and facing the Pacific Ocean. Within the jurisdiction, Shenyang Haikou expressway, Jinan Qingdao expressway, Qingdao Lanzhou expressway, Jiaozhou Bay expressway, national highway 204 and other main roads crisscross each other. Jiaozhou Bay undersea tunnel and sea crossing bridge cross the East and West, so the traffic conditions are convenient

Qingdao's west coast has entered the era of subway, helping Qingdao Industrial Expo

Qingdao Metro Line 13 was commissioned on August 29 and officially opened to traffic at the end of 2018! Qingdao West Coast new area will officially enter the subway era. Metro Line 13 generally runs from northeast to southwest, starting from Jialingjiang Road Station in the West Coast new area and ending at Dongjiakou railway station. There are 23 stations with a total length of about 70km

it's better to visit the Qingdao Industrial Expo

⊙ peninsula manufacturing order industry event. We pay more attention to the on-site trading volume

⊙ it is estimated that the exhibition area will be 40000 square meters

⊙ at that time, more than 35000 professional visitors will come to visit and purchase

⊙ deeply cultivate the equipment manufacturing industry exhibition for 17 years, With more than 720000 pieces of industrial buyer data information

⊙ more than 10 on-site professional supporting conferences and forums were presented

⊙ 2million yuan was used for professional buyer invitation and exhibition publicity

⊙ more than 40 industry associations inside and outside the province led a group to visit and held on-site trade matching activities

⊙ more than 20 industry experts formed a consulting team to give advice for the exhibition

⊙ c2m + one-to-one: investigate the purchasing needs of visitors and exhibitors Requirements of suppliers for customer groups, Precise docking

concurrent activities of the exhibition

made in China 2025 Peninsula Manufacturing Industry Development Summit Forum

China Marine Equipment Technology Development Forum

Shandong Peninsula industry university research cooperation exchange forum

industrial robot and intelligent manufacturing development forum

application technology exchange meeting

Shandong food packaging industry technology seminar

Shandong Urban Rail Transit Development Forum

Shandong special equipment industry summit Altar

c2m demand customization matchmaking meeting of Qingdao industry expo

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