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Summary of the work points of the two major associations of China's printing industry in 2007 during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", China's printing industry should maintain a sustained, steady and rapid development trend, actively explore both domestic and foreign markets, enhance market competitiveness, and become one of the important industries in China's national economy and an important international printing production base. China Printing Technology Association and China printing and equipment industry association have made specific arrangements for the work of the association in 2007. This newspaper gives a comprehensive report

research the development of the industry and cultivate technical talents

this year, China Printing Technology Association will organize industry experts to study the development situation of the industry, especially carry out special research on the implementation of the eleventh five year plan, such as the construction of printing industrial parks, the optimization of industrial structure, brand strategy, the construction of global important printing bases, and put forward analysis reports and countermeasures. At the same time, it will also investigate the implementation of the national printing industry convention, build the industry's basic integrity information archives, select integrity printing enterprises, and promote the construction of the industry's integrity system

in addition, China Printing Technology Association, together with China National Printing Corporation, will organize experts and borrow social resources to organize various skills training courses and training activities to improve the quality of managers, such as offset printing, plate making, post press processing and digital printing, according to the needs of enterprises with low electrolyte and affecting the stability of tank conditions. And establish a technical personnel Title Assessment and review organization to provide support for the growth of scientific and technological personnel

the China printing and equipment industry association listed "strengthening investigation and research and paying attention to the development of the industry" as the top priority in 2007. It mainly focused on how to change the economic growth mode and benefits of China's printing industry and improve the overall competitiveness of the industry. In particular, we conducted special research on how to adapt to market changes and the requirements of expanding exports, adjust product structure, improve technical level and product quality, and strengthen services

following the investigation on the development of printing industry in the west, northeast, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Rim last year, China printing and equipment industry association plans to investigate the development of printing industry in the central region and Yangtze River Delta this year. And organize short-term training courses in different forms to carry out targeted theoretical and professional technical training in equipment, process, maintenance, etc

In 2007, the China Printing Technology Association will strengthen foreign exchanges and cooperation, promote the "going out" of the printing industry, and make preparations for the "2007 fourth China International Printing Technology Exhibition" and the "2007 China International Printing and billboard industry exhibition and Asia Pacific International Printing Exhibition". At the same time, the third China International All India Exhibition 2008 agreement was signed with relevant cooperation units; To undertake the 9th Annual Conference of Asian Printing Technology Forum; A delegation was organized to visit the international printing exhibition in Thailand and the iGAS International Printing Exhibition in Japan

China printing and equipment industry association will take the 2007 China (Guangdong) International Printing Technology Exhibition as an important work of the association. At that time, the international printing technology development forum will be held in Dongguan. On this academic exchange platform representing the latest level of international printing technology development, the world's leading enterprise leaders or experts will talk about the latest technology development of the printing profession and predict the future prospects. Hold the 10th international printing information exchange conference. This year, it will also organize exhibitions and visits to Malaysia, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Japan and other countries. Make preparations for the 2008 "drupa" exhibition

do a good job in cutting-edge services and promote independent innovation

China Printing Technology Association will cooperate with the competent departments to implement the 13% tax rate for self purchased paper for book printing issued by the Ministry of Finance in 2007; Publicize and introduce the national incentive policies on independent innovation to enterprises to promote independent innovation; Provide certification services for enterprises in the industry to promote product quality and quality management system, and promote comprehensive and scientific management of enterprises. At the same time, we will strengthen the infrastructure and business construction of the new functional universal experimental machine officially developed by our company on April 3, 2020, the two journals of China Printing Yearbook and the "station" of Printing Association, so as to provide a platform for academic exchange, technical exchange and scientific management for printing workers; Establish a communication and coordination mechanism for fraternal associations to coordinate activities, cooperate with each other, improve efficiency and reduce the burden on enterprises; Organize relevant experts with relevant printing machinery and equipment suppliers and relevant associations to carry out 2-3 "ten thousand mile" activities on the quality of domestic printing machines and equipment, so as to promote the continuous improvement of the quality of domestic equipment and the content of new technology; Cooperate with relevant parties to hold the second China printing machinery brand (user) satisfaction survey large-scale public welfare activities, strive to create and cultivate well-known brands, and promote mutual benefit and win-win between manufacturers and users

China printing and equipment industry association also takes "actively promoting independent innovation in the industry and striving for various policy support for enterprises" as one of its work contents, and continues to apply to the relevant competent authorities for the tariff free policy for the import of key parts of high-end offset printing machines, so as to improve the technical skills and operational reliability of high-end offset printing machines made in China and meet the needs of the domestic market. In addition, according to the deployment of China Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Committee, we will promote the cultivation of famous brands in 50 industries in China in a focused and planned way. Printing machinery has also been included in one of the industries, and we will strive to assist enterprises to cultivate 2-3 international famous brand products and 15-20 domestic famous brand products by 2010

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