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Lanxun group's Shouming data center highlights gathering

Lanxun group's Shouming data center, which has a large plastic gap in China every year (hereinafter referred to as Lanxun Shouming), is one of Lanxun group's independent property rights data center projects. The data center is located in the comprehensive bonded zone of Tianzhu town, Shunyi District, Beijing. It integrates planning and construction, property management A super large data center park integrating service and operation

independent property rights

the project is Lanxun Shouming's own land property rights. The project covers an area of about 35000 square meters, with a total construction area of about 80000 square meters and a design scale of 15000 cabinets. It is also the first high-end customized data center successfully built by Lanxun group. The project is 15 kilometers away from the urban area of Beijing. It takes only 20 minutes to walk to hualikan station of metro line 15, and 30 minutes to drive to Wangjing. It is adjacent to airport expressway, National Highway 101, Shunping Expressway and other kilometers. At the same time, it is close to three major business districts, new China International Exhibition, capital airport and Dongba CBD. Its geographical location is very superior

independent operation

Lanxun Shouming has a stable and reliable operation and maintenance team with solid technology, vigor and vitality, and an operation team with forge ahead and excellent business. Lanxun group's own teams operate independently in park planning, computer room construction, garden design, internal decoration, infrastructure, operation and maintenance services, etc

green environmental protection

Lanxun Shouming design pue 1.5 meets the national green data center design standards and specifications. In terms of cooling in the data center, we use the water-cooling system. Compared with the air cooling commonly used in the traditional data center, the water-cooling system is more power-saving and environmental friendly. The cooling of the machine room and supporting facilities is provided by large-scale water-cooling units and air-conditioning units. The cabinet layout in the machine room is deployed according to the principle of separation of cold and hot channels and closure of cold channels, with strict temperature control. The humidity in the data center is maintained at 35%-60% throughout the year. In winter and transitional seasons, the cooling water for the machine room is cooled by the plate exchange system and the outdoor cold air, and then flows back to the data center refrigeration station, making full use of the natural environment and climatic conditions for refrigeration. At the same time, energy-saving technologies such as rainwater recovery and reclaimed water system are used to significantly reduce the energy consumption of the data center

safe and reliable

in order to fully guarantee the business safety of the settled customers, Lanxun Shouming started to provide security assurance in terms of technology and process management system. On the one hand, it requires all personnel in the park to strictly abide by the safety guarantee system by formulating strict safety systems; On the other hand, the entry and exit of personnel and equipment and the security operation log, security event log, user authorized access log, etc. are monitored continuously and effectively through technical means to ensure that there are traces to follow after a security event occurs

Lanxun Shouming is equipped with complete fire detection equipment, early smoke alarm system and high-density smoke probe. 7*24 real-time monitoring is deployed in the machine room to record the whole process of personnel operation. In addition, each data center building is equipped with office area, commissioning area and warehouse area, so that the service operation of each building is independent and does not affect each other, meeting the privacy and security requirements of high-end customers

in order to meet the personalized needs of different customers, Lanxun Shouming provides flexible customized transformation schemes. Provide customers with diversified choices from customized modules, customized floors to customized whole buildings. As a result, Lanxun Shouming park has become a model of high availability data center

humanized design

Lanxun Shouming not only meets the business needs of most customers, but also provides canteens in the park for customers and park service personnel. The canteen in the park is located on the first floor of building 4. Customers can have meals in the canteen with relevant certificates

in addition, in order to advocate green travel, energy conservation and environmental protection, and meet customers' increasing demand for electric vehicle charging, the less self-locking of charging piles in Lanxun Shouming park has recently been officially put into use. This friendly service not only facilitates customers' green travel, but also contributes to improving the ecological environment and achieving energy conservation and emission reduction

it is believed that in the near future, Lanxun Shouming will have a new face. At present, there is an electronic universal experimental machine in the market, which uses ordinary 3-camera or frequency conversion electromechanical appearance and higher standard services to welcome more customers

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