How to maintain high-end solid wood furniture

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High end solid wood furniture has always been favored by people. At present, there are many high-end solid wood furniture brands in the market with various styles, which makes consumers dazzled when purchasing. The following editor will introduce the strategy of purchasing high-end solid wood furniture and how to maintain high-end solid wood furniture

high end solid wood furniture purchase strategy

1. Depending on the origin

furniture is different from other goods, furniture will have a clear production address. At present, high-end furniture on the market is mainly in Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other places. Therefore, when choosing, you can choose according to the place of origin. Although the distinction between places of origin is not absolute, it is universal, and insiders are well aware of this distinction. Therefore, it is best for consumers to choose well-known brands in Guangdong, Shanghai and Zhejiang when shopping

2. Identify the brand and beware of merchants “ Sell dog meat by hanging sheep's head &rdquo

when purchasing, you should make sure whether the brand logo on the furniture cabinet is consistent with the brand of the storefront. In addition, after the transaction, you are required to indicate a unified high-end furniture brand on the invoice, which can ensure brand disputes and after-sales service in the future

3. Resolutely stay away from resin molds and select all manual solid wood carvings

although the manual solid wood carvings of high-end furniture are good-looking, it should be noted that some are resin molds, and with paint coating, it is difficult for many laymen to distinguish. You should know that the long-term toxicity of resin to human body is more serious than that of formaldehyde and glue. Therefore, when purchasing high-end furniture, consumers should not only pay attention to the solid wood nature of its overall framework, but also pay attention to whether the carving is a full solid wood handicraft. If it is resin inverted, they should resolutely avoid it

4. How to distinguish the materials of high-end European style solid wood furniture

when entering furniture stores, businesses will tell you that it is all solid wood high-end furniture. In fact, many of them are scams. There are many high-end furniture on the market that are resin molded, especially many high-end European furniture with beautiful appearance and low price

how to maintain high-end solid wood furniture

1. Spring maintenance

the best time to maintain high-end solid wood furniture in spring is to use beeswax for full maintenance in spring. When scrubbing furniture, you can use clean soft cotton cloth. It is forbidden to wipe it with wet cloth or dry cloth, otherwise it will cause abrasion on the surface of furniture, and do not clean it with water, gasoline, benzene and other organic solvents

2. Summer maintenance

in summer, attention should be paid to opening windows for ventilation, and the placement position of high-end solid wood furniture can be adjusted appropriately to avoid direct sunlight. In addition, you can often turn on the air conditioner for moisture removal, and the temperature of the air conditioner can be maintained at 18-26 degrees Celsius

3. Autumn maintenance

the indoor air is relatively dry in autumn, so it will be easier to maintain solid wood furniture. In autumn, we should keep high-end solid wood furniture moist. Professional furniture care essential oil can be used, which can not only lock the moisture in the wood to prevent the wood from drying and deformation, but also nourish the wood and make the wood furniture shine again from inside to outside

4. Winter maintenance

the weather in winter is very dry. Pay attention to shortening the window opening time. You can use a humidifier to adjust the indoor air temperature indoors, and you can wipe the dust on the surface of furniture with a clean soft cotton cloth

editor's summary: This is the introduction to the strategy of purchasing high-end solid wood furniture and how to maintain high-end solid wood furniture. I hope it will be helpful to you. You can pay attention to information if you want to know more about it





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