My God, Deville's wardrobe is magically released

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The Indian drama "my God" was recently released. The center of the film is similar to Deville's wardrobe, which advocates "the feeling of love, the choice of home". Deville pioneered "customized by people" to create a new personalized home space for you

recently, the blockbuster "my God" has become the best-selling Indian film in the history of the Chinese market with its funny name and funny drama. Relying on cheerful music, cheerful colors and happy actors as its selling points, it has stood out under the obstruction of many Hollywood special effects blockbusters. If PK, the hero in the film, encounters the "artifact storage" dewell wardrobe, he will definitely become a home on earth, because dewell wardrobe has so many similarities with the film: advocating "the feeling of love, the choice of home", daring to innovate, overturning tradition, and making everything possible

Deville, together with the goddess Huang Shengyi, staged the divine drama

Deville, which was born in Guangzhou, one of the birthplaces of China's overall wardrobe, in 2005. It advocates the brand concept of "the feeling of love, the choice of home". Like the hero's desire for home, Deville believes that if you have heart, you will have love, you will have home, love from your heart, feel our true longing for life, and create a home with love. At this moment, Everyone is a God... Deville, who has gone through the magical journey of the tenth anniversary, designs every wardrobe with love, heart and emotion, so that love family can always perform the divine drama of love

2015 marks the 10th anniversary of the development of Deville. After the cultural accumulation and accumulated wealth of the 10th anniversary, Deville has created a series of proud glories in the past eventful years: it joined hands with international superstar Huang Shengyi as the brand spokesperson, launched the personalized customization business model of "customized by people", and won the "2014 top ten brands of China's overall wardrobe" "Top ten demonstration brands in China's wardrobe industry" and "China's wardrobe industry health and Environmental Protection Award", popularize the industry's highest environmental protection "wooden board", make a shocking appearance at the previous "Asia building materials first exhibition" Guangzhou Construction Expo and the most professional Guangzhou wardrobe exhibition in China's wardrobe industry, and open the "walk with Germany, win thousands of cities with wisdom" entrepreneur recruitment plan... The past ten years, It is the magical transformation of dewell brand from a strong brand in the industry to a well-known brand, creating "masterpieces" for Chinese customized wardrobe to become a high-end brand in the world

as one of the "top ten brands of China's overall wardrobe" for several times, de Ville's development process is almost a wonderful film in the development history of China's overall wardrobe. Frames and moments leave a magnificent page in the development history of China's wardrobe

Deville launched a revolutionary "wooden board" to act as the health protection god of the whole family.

with the improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the wardrobe, and the function of the wardrobe no longer stays in the simple storage of clothes. As a result, consumers are dazzled by a variety of wardrobes with different functions, but they often ignore the threat of wardrobes to the health of the bedroom

at present, the boards used by some enterprises in the wardrobe industry will have an irritating taste. Living in them for a long time will lead to the decline of resistance, and the symptoms will be alleviated away from this environment

so, is there a wardrobe board that has neither pungent taste nor volatile substances close to zero? The answer is yes. The "wooden board" with the highest environmental protection standard in Europe launched by dewell worldwide uses pure natural logs and has a faint and elegant wood fragrance. After top-level technology, its safety level is as healthy as fruit food. The wardrobe refined from this board can be described as the health protector of the whole family

compared with other boards, what is the uniqueness of Deville's "wood board"? Deville's "wood board" not only gives full play to the comprehensive advantages of wood particleboard and solid wood particle board, but most importantly, "wood board" completely avoids the use of harmful adhesives in the process of board making, and adopts European environmental protection high standard ecological adhesives with strong stability and safety. This makes Deville "wood-based board" completely solve the problem of formaldehyde emission due to traditional board making, and it is the most environmentally friendly, healthy and safe wood-based board

secondly, compared with other boards, Deville "wood board" has the best environmental protection because of its higher density and larger wood fiber particles in the board, which preserves the natural texture of wood more. In addition, its physical properties are the closest to natural wood, and it is the best substitute for natural wood. It can be widely used in the production of interior decoration materials and household products such as wardrobes and cloakrooms, so as to avoid the indiscriminate cutting of logs and make an indelible contribution to the protection of the earth's environment

Deville pioneered "customized by people" and played the Divine Song of personalized home

in the traditional customized wardrobe industry, plagiarism and imitation are serious. The plates, styles, designs and styles that consumers can choose after entering the store are actually ready-made and limited, but they have changed the size, shape and size, and at most made some surface patterns on the finish... There are many defects in traditional customization, which cannot reflect the essence of personalized customization, Therefore, taking the opportunity of joining hands with Huang Shengyi, Deville correspondingly launched a new customization business model of "customization by people", overturning the disadvantages of traditional customization

"customized by people" will accurately customize products according to different city preferences and different consumer personality needs. It truly meets the personalized customized production according to consumer needs, and creates a new personalized home space of "customized by people and customized by people"





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