Save money through hard work. Five misunderstandin

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In this era of soaring prices, the price of everything is rising, that is, wages are not rising. Wage earners who have spent half their lives buying a house by borrowing do not want to face the door of decoration again. How can I leave some hard-earned money when I walk through this door? Then you have to take a closer look at the following article

first, there are too many spotlights. In the current home decoration, many working families pursue the beauty brought by lighting. So they installed spotlights as much as possible in home decoration. But in fact, this is a big misunderstanding. First of all, too many spotlights are easy to cause potential safety hazards. Although these spotlights seem to have a small wattage, they accumulate a lot of heat on small lamps and generate high temperature in a short time, which is easy to cause a fire over time. Secondly, these spotlights are usually only turned on when guests come, or only used during new years and festivals. In addition, they are usually not used. Many comrades who installed spotlights regretted that it was a mistake to spend money on it. Therefore, the principle of "less is less" should be adhered to in the placement of spotlights

second, the porch of the living room is too complex. In current housing design, most of the living room is connected with the dining room, so there is a porch in the living room and dining room. It should be said that it is more important to decorate the porch. It is not only an extension of the decoration of the living room, but also a beautiful barrier separating the living room and the dining room. But many painstaking families design the porch too complex, which is counterproductive. First, the complex porch destroys the overall beauty of the living room; Secondly, because the porch is a living room on one side and a restaurant on the other, complication is not conducive to sanitation and cleaning. Over time, it will affect the beauty. Therefore, in the design of the porch, we should strive to be simple and practical, so that it will not seize the beauty of the living room, but also facilitate the eternal beauty





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